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Milleuda Folles
Sprite(s) Image:Milleuda-sprite.png
Japanese ミルウーダ・フォルズ
Romaji Miruūda Foruzu
Age 23
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Voice actor(s)
Job Class Knight
Affiliation Corpse Brigade
Final Fantasy Tactics Character
"It may well be you've done no wrong. It is your place in the world that drives my hatred on. You bear the name Beoulve, and that name is my enemy."

Milleuda Folles, also known as Miluda Folles, is a swordmaiden of the Corpse Brigade in Final Fantasy Tactics. Her brother, Wiegraf, is the Brigade's leader. During their time in the Dead Men, she served as one of his lieutenants, fighting at his side to defend the realm in the Fifty Years' War. Yet at war's end, the Crown failed to honor the Dead Men's valor with just recompense, giving them cause to rise against their former liege lords.


Milleuda is defeated.

She fights Ramza Beoulve's band on two occasions. First, they attack her at the Brigands' Den. During this battle, she argues with the ignorant and arrogant Argath Thadalfus, who accuses her of being a godless animal because she is a peasant. When Millueda is defeated, Argath urges Ramza to kill her, but Delita Heiral, sympathizing with her because he, too, is a peasant, stays Ramza's hand, and she limps away in disgrace.

The second battle takes place at the Lenalian Plateau as Ramza and Delita attempt to rescue Delita's sister, Tietra Heiral, who was abducted by the Corpse Brigade. Despite Argath's absence, Milleuda is still convinced that Ramza is her enemy, even as Ramza tries to convince her to stand down. In the end, her fanatical stubbornness costs her the ultimate price and Ramza is forced to kill her. Her death marks the beginning of Ramza's fall from the Northern Sky Order, as it sets off a chain of events that eventually result in the Zeikden Fortress incident.


Milleuda's Death's effect on Wiegraf

In addition, Wiegraf becomes infuriated with Ramza, and seeks to avenge his sister's death. Despite an immediate defeat, Wiegraf still remembers Ramza when they later encounter one another after Wiegraf joins the Knights Templar. This leads to Wiegraf's transformation into Belias, and eventually to his death.

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