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The Millenium Eye

With the Millennium Eye, a duelist can read the minds of others as well as see through their eyes, allowing the holder to know what is in their opponents hand at all times no matter what. The holder of the Millennium Item has the ability to seal the souls of his/her duel-defeated victims. The souls remain trapped until the soul stealer is defeated in a duel and the souls are avenged.

The Eye's first owner was Akhenaden. Later, during Maximillon Pegasus' venture to Egypt, his left eye was gouged out by Shadi and replaced with the Eye. According to Shadi, because nothing bad happened to Pegasus, he was the Eye's chosen owner for that time. Pegasus then wore the eye for the rest of his life (normally hidden under his hair) until Yami Bakura won it from him in a Shadow Game. It was later given to Seto Kaiba after his duel with Yami Bakura as a lure to get him to travel to where the Pharaoh Atem resided. After returning from the memory world Kaiba gave the eye to Atem.

According to the manga, it is also said that the wearer of the eye will be granted one wish. The first known wearer, Akhenaden, wished for his son, Seto, to become pharaoh, which would otherwise be impossible due to Seto's birth status. This wish was granted when Zorc Necrophades was defeated and Atem gave Seto the throne as Atem left the world. The second wearer, Maximillion Pegasus, wished to see his deceased wife, Cecelia Pegasus again. This happened when he wore the eye, as he saw her even for a fleeting moment. Ironically, both wishes were granted at the expense of bringing tragedy to the ones who made them: Akhenaden was corrupted by Zorc and ultimately died before he could see Seto become the King, while Pegasus only saw his love for a fleeting moment, and he spent the rest of his life trying to bring that image back, which ultimately failed.

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