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Mill Worker

requirements: Find 100 Steel Ingots
gamerscore: 20
trophy type: Silver

Mill Worker is a Fallout 3 achievement that is added to the game in The Pitt add-on. It is granted for collecting 100 Steel Ingots.

Steel Ingots are found in the Steelyard, the Abandoned Area and the Supply Plant. 10 must be obtained as part of the Unsafe Working Conditions quest. Ingots are returned to Everett in The Mill. He will give the Wanderer an item for every 10 ingots found.

This achievement is not actually granted when you find your 100th ingot; you will receive it after you've turned them all in to Everett and received the Tribal Power Armor.


Ingot locations



  • If you get all 100 Ingots and turn them in at the same time, the equipment you acquire actually weighs more total than 100 ingots. If all received at once they have a weight of 128. So it would be wise to find a hiding place for your loot, such as Midea's desk until you plan to head back to the Wasteland, and especially before you head into The Hole at the end of the Unsafe Working Conditions quest. On top of the rewards from this quest (if you keep them in your inventory) you will receive all the equipment that was taken from you upon entering The Pitt and will likely become over-encumbered.

Behind the scenes

  • Once you have collected all 100 Steel Ingots, Everett will say "Yup, guess you got every last one out there. You're one hell of a steeler, kid." "Steeler" is a common name for a worker in a steel yard and is also the name of Pittsburgh's professional football team.
  • When giving you the Mauler, Everett notes that he had killed Trogs with it 'from here to Monroeville.' Monroeville, Pennsylvania is the city where Pittsburgh native George A. Romero filmed the classic 1978 horror film Dawn of the Dead.


  • In some cases Everett won't go into the Mill where you have to give him the ingots preventing you from finishing the quest. In this case, just keep the ingots you've collected, and advance through the storyline. After you defeat everyone in the hole, return to Everett and he'll congratulate you. At that point, his conversation options will return to normal, and you can exchange your remaining ingots.
  • Sometimes Everett won't even speak to you at all, which also prevents you from finishing the quest.
  • If the last few ingots are presented on their own, Everett may not accept them (unconfirmed)
  • (PC version) Everett will accept the last few ingots and reward you with the Tribal Power Armor.
  • 3/5 times Everett won't give you the Tribal Power Armor if you give him less than 10 in the end for example you give in 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 8, 2 you won't get the achievement. You have to kill Everett to fix this problem. (Confirmed 11 times on Xbox 360).
  • When on the building which has 12 ingots, you fall through the roof straight to the ground which kills you instantly. If you fall from the left side you can land on a higher ledge and heal yourself and then fall the rest down which enables you to walk through the building as if noclip was on. (Confirmed on Xbox360 x5 and PC). Additionally, assuming you're following the Steel Ingot #Videos walk through, you can slowly walk on the left very left edge for a short distance, then jump (with full health) - landing on the same location as seen 5 minutes 18 seconds into the walkthrough, able to continue avoiding the glitch altogether.
    • This bug occurs if Point Lookout has been installed. A solution is to save the game while on the roof, restart the console and load the save.
    • Alternatively, if you enter the supply plant then exit after exploring for a little bit (if you haven't already) then leave, the glitch will be corrected and you may walk on the roof once again without falling to your death. (Confirmed on Xbox360)
  • Sometimes if you store your items in the locker next to Everett, he will wear one of the items, you can only retrieve it by killing him (Confirmed on Xbox360)

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