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  • Miles talks to the dead since he can see through time. In Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time," he theorizes that Time is not linear. Everything exists at once, just at different points in the fourth dimension. Because of Pierre Chang's experiments in the Orchid, Miles is able to talk to the dead at different points in time.
  • Miles needs to be in close proximity in order to "speak" with the dead/spirits. For example with Naomi ("Eggtown") and the U.S. soldiers they passed over. ("Jughead").
  • Miles and the grandson were somehow connected before the episode he was introduced. This explains why Miles knew what he was asking about in the first place when he asks "where is it".
  • The device he uses in the grandmothers home is an air-cooling device to create a temperature differential, drawing in warmer air from outside of the room and revealing the location of the air vent - the circulating air causes the bag of money to move.
  • The device that Miles uses is a way to feed the ghost energy, most likely he uses it to produce high EMF's (electromagnetic fields) so that the ghost can use that so he can communicate easily with it. Many ghost hunters believe that a ghost's main way of communication is through manipulating EMFs.
  • The device Miles uses is a prop, he uses it in his "ghost busting business" because people are more accepting of the idea that machines can detect ghosts through EMF's rather than the fact that someone might possess an ability allowing them to do exactly what Miles does. The device creates the illusion that Miles is harmless without such machines.
  • It also creates noise to cover what he is saying or doing. He also made it look "cool" to match his deception.
  • His power appears to be very similar to that of Harry Keogh, the main character in Brian Lumley's Necroscope series. Unlike Keogh, however, Straume has only been shown using his abilities for material gain, whereas Keogh uses his powers to ease the suffering of the dead and become enriched by their considerable knowledge and experience.
  • His abilities come from experiments gone wrong by his father, Pierre Change. The manifestation of these powers scared the parents enough to take him away from the Island before the Purge.
  • His powers are due to having been born on the island. His experience of speaking to the dead is similar to when characters hear whispers. Both of which have to do with the supernatural qualities of the island.
    • Keeping in mind that every other time he spoke to spirits of the deceased, he never needed a machine. I'll agree that the little vacuum looking thing was a prop nothing more.
    • His abilities come from experiments related to the Smoke Monster which seems to be able to scan people's mind as the image flashes appear. We may assume that Miles is going to be exposed to this monster during this incident as a baby.
  • Our Miles will touch baby miles thus giving baby miles his "powers". Miles' powers are just vague memories of what his future self has already experienced (I hope that makes sense). When our Miles touches baby miles he will effectively lose his powers because he wouldn't have passed any of his future memories onto baby miles. When we see miles' first ghostly experience i guess he must be what 3 or 4? scientific research has shown that your memory only really begins to form at these ages thus this being his first experience of his powers-i can tell that this is his first experience because his mum is so surprised because shes never known him to do this before.
    • Since baby Miles is as of now getting away on the sub, this probably isn't going to happen. It may be though, that his powers stem from having been born close to a copy of his own consciousness. This may have created an interference of some kind, leaving him with the super powers. As mentioned in the theory about the Orchid rabbits below, Miles' powers might indeed be an example of what could happen if the bunnies interacted with each other.
  • Miles says to Charlotte something like "After all that time you spent trying to get back here" and then he goes "What do I mean?" Charlotte's dead body would be left on the island from the last time flash, so Miles might be hearing her dead thoughts from the island (as her body has presumably decomposed), he probably doesn't fully understand it himself, hence the 'What do I mean?'
  • Miles can read minds, to the extent of learning someone's true nature, but not necessarily all the details of what they're thinking. When he's close to someone, he can learn their true name and the most prominent thing on their minds (i.e. their heart's desire). This is how he knew Michael was lying about his name, and he had probably got a reading on the rest of the Kahana's crew. He could also tell Charlotte was born on the island and had been desperately trying to return there.
    • These readings may only arise if someone is going to die very soon, i.e. Michael, all of the Kahana's crew, and Charlotte. This links all of his abilities to death.


  • Miles will play a key role in revealing story lines and time lines regarding the island, such as the Black Rock and Adam and Eve.
  • Faraday suggested that the nosebleeds were caused by exposure to the islands effects, now that the island has stopped jumping he is safe, however the next time the wheel is turned (the incident?) he may have spent such a long time on the island that he either remains in the 70s/80s, or suffers a similar fate as Charlotte.
  • Pierre Chang's reaction to the alternate-time bunnies existing in the same instance as seen in the extended Orchid tape suggests that if both Miles come in contact, a catastrophic event may occur. Once Dr. Chang discovered the true identity of Miles Straume, this caused him to send Lara and Baby Miles off the island for their own protection.
  • His real name is Miles Chang, but he changed his name in his punker days to Miles Straume (Maelstrom) because of his daddy issues.
  • Miles gains his powers when an accident occurred in The Swan which forced them to put on the "Computer that saves the world" as Hugo put it.

"I'm This Way"

  • Recurring lines have been a big thing in LOST, and there may be a parallel between the two instances of this line in Season 5: Richard Alpert and Miles Straume both saying "I'm this way" when referring to their superpowers. And since Richard said his came from Jacob, then Jacob (or maybe the Island itself) may be responsible for Miles'.
    • Much like Richard, Jacob had (or has) special plans for Miles.
      • This may be why out of all Kahana's crew, Bram (i.e. Jacob's people) singled him out to warn him about the island, because they knew that Jacob had given him his gift in the first place.

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