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Full Name: Miles O'Brien
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: September 1, 2331
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Sibling(s): 2 brothers, foster brother and sister
Marital Status: Married
Spouse(s): Keiko O'Brien
Children: Molly O'Brien, Kirayoshi O'Brien
Previous Assignment: Transporter Chief USS Enterprise-D, Chief of Operations Deep Space 9
Assignment: Starfleet Corps of Engineers Relief Worker Cardassia
Rank: Senior Chief Petty Officer
Insignia: Starfleet insignia.
File:Yel SenCh Petty 2373.png
For the mirror universe counterpart, see Miles O'Brien (mirror).

Miles Edward O'Brien was a human male born on September 1, 2331. He has served Starfleet as Transporter Chief aboard the USS Enterprise-D from 2364 to 2369, Chief of Operations aboard starbase Deep Space 9 from 2369-2375, and as Chief engineer of the USS Defiant from 2371-2375.

He has two brothers, but his mother was a fosterer who raised other children... possibly 'only' one boy and two girls (DS9 episode: "Whispers"; DS9 novelization: Trials and Tribble-ations; TNG novel: Imbalance). Miles, having grown up in a traditionally Irish setting was a very practical man. Most times (when feasible) he preferred an au natrel approach to food, recreation etc. rather than tech-even though that was a trade he specialized. (TNG episode: "The Wounded") His pragmatic, 'everyman' approach carried over into his DS9 posting. As an enlisted crewman, he saw himself as an equal to his fellow crewmates superior or subordinate and disliked titles, such as "Sir". Always innovative and open to new concepts, O'Brien believed in engineering to be simple for the average Layman. (DS9 episodes: "Visionary", "Trials and Tribble-ations") His grandmother raised him to follow her advice when combining talking with eating, "You end up doing neither very well!" (Quotable Star Trek)

Sometime prior to the Battle of Cardassia, Miles was approached to take the position of Professor of Optronic Systems Engineering at Starfleet Academy, a posting he took after some thought, breaking the news to his friend Julian Bashir in the midst of battle. (DS9 novelization: What You Leave Behind)

In 2376, while teaching at Starfleet Academy, O'Brien assisted the Starfleet Corps of Engineers when a alien artifact threatened to destroy San Francisco. (SCE eBook: Aftermath)

In September of 2376, Miles, his wife Keiko, and their children Molly and Kirayoshi, visited Joseph Sisko in New Orleans and later accompanied him to Bajor to attend the birth of his grand-daughter.

While in the Bajoran system, the Chief helped out his old friends on DS9 during the Parasite crisis, and attended Bajor's induction into the United Federation of Planets. (DS9 - Mission Gamma novels: Lesser Evil, Unity)

O'Brien was later detached to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers on the planet Cardassia as a part of the Federation's relief efforts, while Keiko was in charge of the planet's botanical renewal efforts following the Dominion War. (DS9 - Worlds of Deep Space Nine novel: Cardassia: The Lotus Flower)

Alternate timeline

A alternate Miles O'Brien existed in a parallel universe where, among many differences, the first Borg invasion was successful. Like his primary counterpart, this O'Brien was married to Keiko O'Brien and had a daughter, Molly, though they were killed in a Borg attack. (TNG comic: "The Worst of Both Worlds") When the crew of his Enterprise encountered the crew of the primary universe Enterprise, this O'Brien knocked out his counterpart and unsuccessfully attempted to take his place. (TNG comic: "And Death Shall Have No Dominion")

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For the mirror universe counterpart, see Miles O'Brien (mirror).

Miles Edward O'Brien was a non-commissioned officer in Starfleet during the latter half of the 24th century. During his career, O'Brien served aboard the USS Rutledge, USS Enterprise-D, space station Deep Space 9, the USS Defiant, and at Starfleet Academy.



Born in Ireland, Earth in September 2331, he enlisted in Starfleet when he was 18. He saw action in the Federation-Cardassian Wars aboard the USS Rutledge, and was witness to the infamous Setlik III massacre in 2362. (TNG: "The Wounded", DS9: "Whispers", "Shadowplay", "Tribunal", "Homefront", "Rules of Engagement")

From 2364 to 2369, he served aboard the USS Enterprise-D, first as a conn officer, then as transporter chief, eventually holding the rank of chief petty officer. In 2367, O'Brien married Keiko Ishikawa aboard the Enteprise, and their daughter Molly was born a year later. (TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint", "Data's Day", "Disaster", et. al)

In 2369, O'Brien transferred to Deep Space 9 as chief of operations, and served aboard the station and the attached USS Defiant until 2375. During his time on DS9, his son, Kirayoshi was born, through extraordinary means. (DS9: "Emissary", "Body Parts", "What You Leave Behind"

After the end of the Dominion War, he accepted a post at Starfleet Academy, as Professor of Optronic Systems Engineering and presumably returned to Earth with his family. (DS9: "What You Leave Behind")


Star Trek: Pendragon

While serving aboard the Rutledge, O'Brien befriended Timothy Sinclair (who had previously married Miles' foster sister, Jean Brennan), and they weathered the Setlik III massacre together. During the 2360s, O'Brien kept in fairly close contact with the Sinclairs, and was known as an uncle to their twin sons, Jeff and Tyler. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "Restoration", "Ceremonies of Innocence")

After the destruction of Deep Space Nine in 2372, O'Brien continued to serve as chief engineer on the Defiant until the end of the Federation Civil War. (PDN: "Sword of Damocles")

In 2377, he masterminded Project Restoration, relocating Empok Nor to the Bajoran system to serve as a new DS9. The project was completed in January 2379. (PDN: "Restoration")

Miles and Keiko were unofficial "godparents" to Jeff and Tyler Sinclair and served as proxy guardians for the boys while they lived on DS9. (PDN: "Restoration, "The Forgeman", "Heritage", "Wanderers, Seekers, Warriors, Thinkers")

Star Trek: Endeavour

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In the upcoming series, as of 2379 O'Brien was serving as an Advanced Engineering instructor at Starfleet Academy. He has achieved the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer due to the events of his conduct during the Dominion War. His personal life was a wreck as he and Keiko were now divorced, and he was unhappy teaching. James Gideon, newly ordered Captain of the USS Endeavour, aware of his unhappiness, recruits O'Brien to become the new Chief Engineer of Endeavour.

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This article uses material from the "Miles O'Brien" article on the ST Expanded wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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