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Mikoto's in-game model.
"We are mere vessels. You have been given a greater purpose."
—Mikoto to Zidane

Mikoto (ミコト Mikoto), also known as Mysterious Girl, or Girl before revealing her name, is a Genome in Final Fantasy IX, and only the third of the race to be created with a soul. In the event that Kuja and Zidane were to fail in their mission to cause chaos on Gaia, Mikoto would be sent in their stead. Essentially she and the other two souled Genomes are siblings, as Kuja refers to Zidane as a brother because he has a soul, since all Genomes are technically siblings because they are born of the same DNA. This would also make Mikoto part of this self-professed family.


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Garland created Mikoto a year before the start of the game. She first appears when the party first touches down on Terra, leading them on a hide-and-seek chase to the Genome village of Bran Bal. Zidane meets her in the town's laboratory, where she explains their nature as Angels of Death. Disgusted and confused by this, Zidane flees Bran Bal in order to find Garland and is chained at Pandemonium. When Kuja's Ultima hit Terra, destroying the Genome city in its entirety, Mikoto and the other Genomes were able to board the Invincible and escape with Zidane and his crew.

When brought to Gaia, the remaining Genomes are taken to the Black Mage Village to live with the Black Mages, as Vivi mentions that since both races are merely created vessels, they could understand each other. When Zidane and his party leave to defeat Kuja, he tells the Black Mages to take care of his "little sister".

While Mikoto wasn't seen on the deck of the Red Rose during the Second Battle of the Iifa Tree, considering the Hilda Garde III and Red Rose remained around the Iifa Tree to wait for the party, she reappears on deck later after Necron falls, alerting Beatrix that the party had escaped Memoria. Later, she could sense Zidane and Kuja's presence and so at the end of the game when Zidane went missing after going back for Kuja she was able to find him.

Because of her presence on the Red Rose at the time, it is possible she is the reason Lindblum and Alexandria learned of Zidane and Garnet's secret plan to storm Memoria.


  • In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary remakes of the original Final Fantasy, Mikoto is one of the automatic names the player can choose for the White Mage Job.

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