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Role among the Others

  • Given his ability to communicate with the outside world (it appeared that the station not only had television and presumably internet access as he was often assigned to collect information about people, but also we saw how a person could communicate off island as Ben did with Richard while showing Juliet the status of her sister), Mikhail must be completely trusted by Ben and believed to have absolutely no desire to leave the island, and could not be corrupted into selling what he knows about the island to an interested party such as Widmore.
  • He also has way more autonomy that the other Others - he is allowed to operate completely on his own without Ben's supervision.
  • He also appears to be Ben's henchman, willing to do whatever Ben asks, even killing Others
  • He was lower in the chain of command than Bea Klugh as she demands that he kills her. The person who knows more information would be the one who demands to be shot.
  • His ability to heal (like Locke) may imply his importance to the island.
    • Then he should have a higher rank amongst the Others.


  • Mikhail like several of the Oceanic 815 survivors but unlike the majority of the Others has actually met Jacob. Mikhail says he was recruited and came to the island when he was 24 years old by a magnificent man. He confirmed the man wasn't Ben. It couldn't be Widmore since Widmore and Mikhail are on separate sides. Presumably the man isn't Horace either since the Others hated Dharma, if Horace was so magnificent Mikhail probably wouldn't defect to the Others if he was ever Dharma. Jacob led Mikhail to the island all so Mikhail would be in the right place at the right time and bring about the chain of events that disabled the looking glass station, allowed the freighter folk to come to the island and eventually sent the 815 survivors to 1977.


  • In "Through The Looking Glass", Ben whilst speaking to Mikhail states "You have always been a loyalist"
  • He may have been conditioned in Room 23 to be cooperative; Bea Klugh seems to have an almost domineering control over Mikhail when giving the order to shoot her and could be evidence of his conditioning.
    • He doubted before shooting Bea.
  • He is one of the original "Hostiles" on the Island. While we don't know his exact longevity (i.e. if he is "immortal" like Richard seems to be) he, Richard does not seem concerned about his well-being and none of the Others seem too surprised that he lived through his ordeal with the Pylons. . Given how many brutal beatings he took and still came out unscathed, and the fact that he had no apparent want to get off the Island...

Healing abilities

  • When Locke beats Mikhail in "The Man Behind the Curtain," none of the Others seem terribly concerned about his well being afterwards.
  • Perhaps this is because of Mikhail's healing abilities. We see him survive the sonic fence, being shot with a spear gun in the chest, and lots of abuse. He seems to always reappear.
  • Mikhail's ability to keep showing up after being "killed" brings to mind the character of "Michael" in the movie "A Boy and His Dog", in which a post-apocalyptic underground society uses a big guy named "Michael" (dressed in goofy farm boy clothes) to enforce their rules; after he is "killed", another one appears, and then another, because "Michael" turns out to be a robot and there is a whole bunch of them.
    • It also brings to mind the character of Kenny from South Park, who gets regularly killed on the show and brought back, but no one ever says, "They killed Mikhail! Those b*****ds!"
  • Mikhail's ability to escape death parallels Charlie's. Perhaps Mikhail was being kept alive (by the island or the universe course correcting) to kill Charlie, so as to fulfil the 'whatever happens, happens' time loop.

Awareness of observation

  • Bakunin could have been watching them as well with a hidden camera in that station. He saw them setting up the surveillance and was waiting for them to look at him before turning off his feed.
  • The camera that Locke saw was the one that redirected back to The Pearl station.
  • He could have walked up to the camera when the recording light lit up, triggered by Locke who activated it while changing the feed in the Pearl.
  • This is because the islad would not let him die until he fulfilled his duty (killing Charlie) just like the island would not let Michael die.

The missing eye

  • He is the person represented by the face with the eye crossed out in the Swan mural.
    • It may be significant, however, that the crossed out eye in the mural was the left eye, and Mikail's missing eye was his right.
      • The person who drew the picture may have forgotten which eye Mikhail was missing. I'm sure if you or I tried to remember which eye he was missing (without the advantage of looking at a photograph), one of us might mistakenly think it was his left eye. The Big X 01:45, 22 March 2009 (UTC)
  • He was in the Soviet army, he could very well have lost his eye, or use of it, in the Soviet war in Afghanistan (1979 to 1989), as he does mention he was involved in it.
    • He definitely lost his eye after the army, as he was released from the army, when his military unit was decommissioned. But according to the rules with such an injury he would have been dismissed right away.
  • He lost his eye before he got to the island, so it cannot be healed.
    • Though it has healed quite well considering the eyeball is missing.
    • The island has healing properties, but does not seem capable of regenerating lost limbs (Dr. Candle) or resurrection (all the dead folks), so he very well could've lost his eye on the island.
      • The island (or, perhaps, the universe - through course correction) heals only insofar as it corrects things to fulfil the 'whatever happened, happened' time loop. Mikhail's doesn't need two eyes to fulfil what he has to do.
      • It would appear that the island is capable of resurrection as demonstrated in The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham. (DISPROVEN)
    • Injuries obtained before coming to the island can be healed i.e. Rose's cancer
  • He might be the owner of the glass eye, an item found by the Tailies in the Arrow station.
    • In "Through the Looking Glass", Mikhail's right eye socket is shown to be completely scarred over. This leaves no reason for him to be the owner of the glass eye.
      • However, Mikhail's eyelids could have been sewn together to avoid infection after the removal of his actual eye or the glass eye.
  • May have lost the eye in an on-island "scuffle*. From "The Man Behind The Curtain", it seems as if some of the others may not like Mikhail a great deal too much.
  • Could have been a polar bear that had escaped from the DHARMA cages.
  • The eye patch is a clue he is a pirate from the Black Rock
  • If he is a true other then perhaps sometime in the late 70's or in the 80's he meets Sayid and kills him. This could be why he says to Sayid There will come a time when your guard is down. And when it is, I will not hesitate a moment before killing you. You should know this because.. Maybe what he ment to say was that he had already killed him once but he got interrupted mid-sentence by Danielle. While in the fight with Sayid perhaps Sayid (who wouldn't die without at least removing some body part) takes a knife and cuts out his eye.
    • Mikhail meets Sayid in 1977 where he and Sayid hang out. Sayid names Mikhail's cat and eventually takes out his eye for some reason. This is why Mikhail holds a grudge against Sayid and won't hesitate to kill him.
  • There was a glass eye found in the Arrow Station along with a bible, and a radio transmitter during the episode in Season 2 "The Other 48 Days". This could be related to Mikhail's eye patch and that he was somewhat involved in the Dharma Initiative.
  • Mikhail could've lost his eye in a brawl with Stuart Radzinsky while he explored the island trying to find the hostiles and Radzinsky left the glass eye in the Arrow as a clue for his encounter with Mikhail. Stuart Radzinsky had an extreme hatred for the hostiles and had a violent nature even though he was highly intelligent.

Past connection with Locke

Mikhail claims to have known Locke in the past. They will meet at some point as Locke travels through time.

  • He probably learned about Locke from Ethan.
  • He says that Locke was a "fleeting memory" (or something similar) and then says "the Locke I knew was...". Suggests that he personally met him, albeit briefly.
    • He was about to say, "The John Locke I knew was paralyzed." He was cut off at "...para-"
  • Read the files on the survivors

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