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Height 6"0

Weight 200 lbs approx.

Home Town Seattle, Washington

Wrestling Style High flying and technical. Wild in his offense.

Entrance Theme "We Die Young" by Alice in Chains

Entrance Style

Strides towards the ring, sometimes jumping onto the barricade and running along it briefly. Slides under the ropes, climbs onto the second turnbuckle and poses arrogantly in front of disapproving fans.


Facelift: Bounces off the ropes and hits the opponent with a running superkick. Stage Dive: Top rope corkscrew moonsault.

Signature Moves

Delayed vertical suplex into spike DDT Powerbomb into Boston Crab combination Various springboard moves, and other moves involving the ring ropes


Mike Maverick is an active participant of what he would like to consider the rock n' roll lifestyle - "live fast, die young" is an ideal that he lives by. He lives completely in the moment, and is constantly striving for enjoyment, attention and success. Drinking, gambling and partying are second nature to him, and he is often suspected of recreational drug use and other disreputable activities.

Maverick is brash, cocky and extremely disrespectful, especially to those who he considers to be stale or "over the hill" in the world of professional wrestling. He became a wrestler not to gain popularity amongst the industry's fans, but to showcase his talents, to achieve success and to earn money and all those things that come with it.

Due to his reckless approach to life, Maverick is absolutely fearless as a wrestler. He never backs away from a fight no matter the opponent or the condition he is in. He is also more than willing to take risks in the ring - in fact these risks are often unnecessary and show a lack of respect for his own health, as well as the health of his opponents. While most "high risk manoeuvres" are considered to be a demonstration of the courage and daring of a wrestler, Maverick's high-risk approach to wrestling is often described as dangerous, foolish and irresponsible.


WCSF Debut & Feud with Tristagi

After a short undefeated run on High Voltage, Mike Maverick debuted on Unleashed on the same night that Craig Bell and Hector Ramirez were drafted from Mayhem. In a major shock moment, former cruiserweight champion was also drafted to the show, making his return after a lengthy absense. But Tristagi was not given the greeting he may have hoped for. Newcomer Mike Maverick introduced himself to the Unleashed fans by verbally assaulting the WCSF veteran, in a move considered extremely brash and arrogant for a debuting star.

From that point Tristagi and Maverick became engaged in a heated rivalry. Maverick resented Tristagi, thinking he had taken the easy way out by quitting wrestling a year previously. Tristagi resented Maverick's cocky assumptions that he was passed his prime or "over the hill". Tristagi picked up a win against Maverick at Meltdown when the reckless performer failed to connect with a high risk move.

The rivalry between both performers continued after Meltdown, with Maverick claiming that he had never been defeated by Tristagi. At Meltdown he lost to himself as it was his move that put him down long enough for Tristagi to gain a pinfall. The Australian star ensured Maverick that lightning could indeed strike twice, and challenged him to a rematch at Annihilation. The Degenerate readily accepted the challenge. Mike Maverick dominated in the much anticipated rematch. However, his reckless offense led to him damaging his throat and he spent much of the match coughing up blood. It seemed that Tristagi would capitalise on Maverick's injury and pick up another win, when Maverick shockingly spat blood into the eyes of his opponent before flattening him with a Facelift and picking up the win.

After his Annihilation match, Maverick asked the General Manager of the newly-christened Rampage brand for a shot at some championship gold. Zhilone agreed that the ratings Maverick was drawing warranted a shot at championship gold, but to Maverick's annoyance he decided to make it a tag team title shot. He thought the reckless youth would benefit from having someone to keep him from getting too carried away in his matches. Tristagi was named as Maverick's partner to further irritate the brash star. To the surprise of everyone in attendance, Tristagi and Maverick captured the tag team titles later that same night by defeating Nick Foster and Mark Thomas of the Mafia.

Tristagi and Maverick retained the tag team titles on a number of occasions against impressive Rampage stars such as Brian Davis, the Executioner and the Mafia. The team even picked up a win at WCSF Pay Per View - Hacked against the Mafia with Ralph Pierce as the guest referee. Maverick was the one to earn the victory for his team on each occasion, causing him to belittle Tristagi's contribution to the team. Maverick openly insulted Tristagi, claiming that he was just trying to ride the coat tails of 'the Degenerate' to success.

At Wednesday Night Warzone, Tristagi and Maverick's winning streak finally came to an end. They suffered defeat at the hands of the Kraus brothers when Tristagi was pinned. Maverick blamed his partner for the defeat, but instead of being upset he was instead glad to be able to put his team with Tristagi to rest and concentrate on singles competition once more. He won the opening round of the Battlefield tournament by defeating fellow high-flyer Johnny Briggs.

Middleweight Champion

After this accomplishment, Maverick was given a main event match the following week on Rampage against #1 contender Anthony Blake - a match that he lost narrowly. But the following week, to hype the upcoming Battlefield pay per view, he competed in the main event against Middleweight champion Tomohiro Matsuda, who was another Rampage participant in the Battlefield tournament along with Tristagi and Mark Thomas. After Tristagi and Thomas got involved in the match during the closing moments, Matsuda was nailed with a chairshot by Thomas and then knocked out by Maverick's Facelift. Maverick became the new Middleweight champion from his very first attempt. He was all set to take the Battlefield tournament by storm.

At Battlefield, Maverick met his rival Tristagi in the quarterfinal round, the two fought tooth and nail, and eventually both men were counted out while brawling on the outside. Maverick was supposed to defend his belt against the mean he defeated, Tomohiro Matsuda, on the Feb. 23rd Rampage, but Matsuda was attacked prior to the match by Muntari Mebah. Maverick thought he had the night off, but was informed by Tristagi that he would be facing Rampage champion Anthony Blake. Maverick was defeated. At Nothing to Lose, Maverick was scheduled to defend his belt against Craig Bell, but he attacked Bell before the match, injuring him. Tristagi, who had just won the #1 Contendership, came out and announced that he would take Bell's place. After a quick roll-up, Tristagi won the WCSF Middleweight Championship from Maverick.

Gold Rush Competitor

After this loss, Maverick confronted Johnny Briggs, announcing that he would be the one to win the Gold Rush contract at Revolution. Maverick attacked Briggs, and the two had to be separated by security. On the June 18th Mayhem, every Gold Rush partipant was told to showcase themselves in a unique way. Maverick certainly did that, viciously attacking Tristagi after his match. Maverick crushed his larynx with a chair, effectively ending his biggest rival's career. Maverick is now preparing to compete in the 4 Way Gold Rush Ladder match at Revolution IV against Johnny Briggs, Tomohiro Matsuda, and Mark Thomas.

At Revolution IV, Maverick came up short in the Gold Rush match, although stealing the show. After the match, he ruined Johnny Briggs standing ovation for his performance by delivering a Facelift to him, taking him down.

After Revolution IV

On the debut episode of Carnage, Maverick was backstage when Mafia member Amen came up to him and said how much the Mafia was impressed by him and he was Mafia material. Maverick, his usual cocky self, told Amen he didn't need the Mafia to get to the top. Amen was not impressed and told Maverick not to cross the Mafia, Maverick was unfazed, saying that the old regime's couldn't hold him back, and the Mafia wouldn't be able to either.

Maverick's cocky, arrogant demeanor, made him less than affectec by the warning. He chose instead to make himself involved with the feud between Amen and Reaper, vowing to take out both monsters, as he wasn't afraid of either of them. At Meltdown 09, the three met in a triple threat match, with Maverick taking the pin from Amen, after Mav took out Reaper and himself with a high risk move.

After Meltdown, Mav continued a rivalry with Reaper. Mav would continue to show no fear, mocking Reaper at every turn, attacking him, and refusing to fall for Reaper's "mind games", including Mav coming out on Carnage, dressed as Reaper, and mocking his "powers". It caught up with him when Reaper would finally get his hands on Mav, brutalizing him with his bare hands to show his superiority. Mav bounced back with a steel chair attack on Reaper. The two will now meet at Hacked in one of three types of matches, one of which is Reaper's specialty, the Steel Cage Deathmatch.


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