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The Mighty banshee is basically a stronger version of the Banshee and is first encountered in the quest Smoking Kills. They are found in the Desert Slayer Dungeon and may be killed instead of regular Banshees when doing slayer. Players must wear Masked earmuffs or a Slayer helmet when fighting them, otherwise their stats will be dangerously reduced by the banshees AND they will sustain damage every few seconds by the swirling dust. As Mighty Banshees have a magic-based melee attack, wearing dragonhide armour is suggested when fighting them. Be warned; they are in a Multi-combat area and are aggressive, however, there are some safe spots.

The Mighty banshee is an excellent source of pure essence. They drop 23 at a time, and very commonly. A ring of wealth will dramatically increase the herb and charm drops from these but at the same time significantly reduce the amount of essence given out; this means that more profit might be made in the same time but more time will be spent banking, each person should decide whether they prefer few long term trips with significant amounts of pure essence but fewer herbs and charms or more herbs and charms but more frequent banking.



Using protect from melee and prayer boosting armour is a good strategy when fighting Mighty Banshees. This method is fast and effective, as well as a good money and experience earner. A Salve amulet (e) or Slayer helmet will raise the wearer's attack and strength by 20% or 15%, respectively. The bonuses do not stack. A Black mask, although giving the same attack and strength boost as the Slayer helmet, are not recommended due to the need of both earmuffs and a facemask - something only provided by the Slayer helmet or Masked earmuffs.

A simple way to sustain your prayer for a bit longer is to use the Ancient mace special attack, which increases your prayer by the amount you hit. The Saradomin Godsword is preferable to the mace, however, as it not only restores HP but a minimum of 5 prayer points per landed special, and gives a +8 prayer bonus. Having a chapel in your Player Owned House (moved to Pollnivneach) eliminates the need for food as players can teleport to their house and recharge there, assuming they have a chapel and altar. If using a ranger safe spot, next to the red barrier or one of the several safe spots in between the pillars, the Banshees will eventually become non-aggressive towards you. If you would like to make them aggressive towards you again, just pass the barrier, go down the stairs, and then walk back to where you originally were.

Another good tactic is to use the dwarven multicannon and stay behind one of the safespots, while the cannon does all the work. Since Mighty Banshees use a magic based attack, armour with a high magic bonus is recommended (preferably karil's or dragonhide).

Alternatively, you can simply exit the dungeon and take a magic carpet ride to Nardah, where you can pray at the statuette of Elidinis and be fully healed with a small HP boost. After that, simply take the carpet back to Pollnivneach. This method only works after the completion of Spirits of the Elid quest. While you are there you can also bank your drops.

Also, if you have completed the hard tasks of the Ardougne Diary, and have enough slayer rings, you can use Ardougne cloak 3 to teleport to the Kandarin monastery, recharge your prayer, and note any herbs you have looted with the Farming Leprechaun just outside. The slayer ring provides a quick teleport back to the dungeon. (Ardougne cloak 3 also provides an excellent prayer boost of +6, the second best there is for the cape slot.)

A player safe spotting a Mighty Banshee using a Dragon Halberd.


Safe spot for rangers.



Charm drop percentages
No Charm


3 - 6%

15 - 19%

3 - 5%

1 - 2%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 890 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)


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