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The Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe
Also known as:
  • Max
  • The Jagrafess
Home Planet: Jagrafessfold Breeding Grounds
Home Era: 200,000
Appearances: DW: The Long Game

The Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe (often shortened to the Jagrafess or Max) was the overseer of the Editor and the secret controller of Satellite Five in 200,000.



The Jagrafess was a gigantic, gelatinous creature similar to a slug in shape. Its exact origins are not known, but it was sentient and able to communicate in a series of growls and screeches. It had a life span of about 3000 years, with sharp, vicious teeth and several vestigial eyes. Its metabolic rate, however, meant that it had to be kept at low temperatures to survive.


The Jagrafess was an ancient, enormous, grey-skinned monster which contains a huge amount of heat, fat, muscle and water, that needed to stay cool in order to remain alive. It was placed in charge of the ersatz Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire when it was first formed, in the year 199,909. Outside of its home planet, only a giant facility such as Satellite Five could produce enough cold air to sustain its life. If no cold air is supplied, the Jagrafess would overheat and explode spectacularly.

The Doctor discovered that the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire was being controlled by the Jagrafess in 200,000, via the news-broadcasting space station Satellite Five, located in Earth orbit. The heat from Level 500 (where the Jagrafess was installed) was channelled away to the rest of the station, allowing the Jagrafess to remain in a cool climate.

Since the Jagrafess could not operate Satellite Five's controls by itself, a human known only as the Editor carried out its orders. (DW: The Long Game)

The Jagrafess itself was a pawn of the Daleks, part of a stratagem spanning several hundred years. After its death, the Daleks went on to other stratagems and renamed the Satellite the Game Station. (DW: The Parting of the Ways).


Minor references and mentions

Rose Tyler tried to invoke the authority of the Jagrafess (among other beings) in order to try to bluff the Sycorax into leaving Earth in peace. This attempt merely amused the Sycorax leader. (DW: The Christmas Invasion)

Known Victims

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