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Migelo, the hard working Bangaa.
"It’s easy work, and you’ll thank me for it someday."

Migelo (ミゲロ Migero) is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy XII. He owns the shop Migelo's Sundries in Rabanastre, and caters big events. Migelo is a blue adult Bangaa. With his bushy white moustache and goatee, he appears to be quite old. His voice actor is John DiMaggio.


Migelo's concept art.

Migelo is one of the people now responsible for taking care of Vaan and Penelo ever since their respective families died. He has taken care of them like they were his own and has an especially fatherly affection towards Penelo. However, he has his business to consider, so he also sends them out on errands from time to time. Among all this, he also takes care of the street urchin Kytes, a good friend to all of them.

Migelo is the person responsible for catering Vayne Solidor's banquet as Solidor is introduced as the new Consul for Dalmasca. The bangaa introduces himself to the Consul, but is uneasy with how informal he is when Migelo is asked to refer to him by his first name, Vayne. Migelo bows his head in acceptance, leading to Vaan's criticism of Migelo's willingness to cater to the Consul's will.

Later, when Penelo is kidnapped by Ba'Gamnan, he approaches Balthier in the Sandsea Inn and demands that he rescue her. It is not required for Vaan to return to Migelo after saving Penelo from the headhunters but should he do so, Migelo will give both him and Penelo his blessing to continue their adventure. He concedes that the pair were getting older and were bound to leave him eventually, but is both suprised and proud that they are on such a quest, traveling all of Ivalice. The Bangaa then wishes them luck and reminds them that he may not be able to aid them in battle, but he'll always have sundries for them.


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