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Midlight's Deep, is a recurring location in the world of Ivalice. A dark dungeon, it contains many strong monsters.



Final Fantasy Tactics

Main article: Midlight's Deep (Final Fantasy Tactics)

In Final Fantasy Tactics, Midlight's Deep serves as a side quest. Located east of the Port City of Warjilis, it consists of ten levels of caves, each of which is pitch black until lit by the crystals left behind by enemies when they are killed. The tenth level down contains the battle with the Lucavi demon Elidibus, during which Ramza is aided by Byblos.


Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Midlight's Deep is a secret dungeon only available in the US and PAL version. The final boss that awaits the party within the dungeon is Yiazmat.


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Objective Enemies
Destroy the enemy Soul crystal 1 Fighter, 1 Berserker, 1 White Monk, and 2 Archers
Defeat all enemies Great Malboros and Mom bombs
Defeat the War-Chief 1 War-Chief, 1 Gladiator, 1 Fighter, 2 Archers
Survive the enemy onslaught Random Level 3 Esper Lv. 99, Random Level 2 Esper Lv. 99, Random Level 1 Esper Lv. 50 (Lv. higher based on your level)
Destroy enemy soul Crystal Your party mirrored, Random Espers
Get all chests Bahamut/Odin, Ixion, Chocobo, Lamia, Tonberry (Lv. depends)
Capture all gates Trickster x5 (Lv. depends) Red, Black, and Green Chocobos (Lv. depends)
Defeat all enemies Raiden, Siren, Infernal Wolf, CuSith, and Zombie (Lv. depends)
Defeat all enemy leaders Leader (Esper Group)- Assassin (Shivar), Champion (Balasa), Wizard (Golem), Balista (Sagatarius), Dragoon (CuSith) (Lv. depends)
Defeat Yiazmat!!! Yiazmat, Lamia, Golem, Raiden, Cuchulainn, Carbuncle (Lv. depends)

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