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Micro Squad was a Galactic Republic, and subsequently, a Galactic Empire clone trooper 12-man squad of the 86th Reconnaissance Regiment.


They were given the designation "Micro" when they were armed with DC-15M6 Autoblasters. Their highly unusual choice of weaponry was assigned by Regimental Command after it was decided that the 86th Regiment would need several special squads for high-risk infiltration missions, but with larger firepower than what could be afforded with the 4-man clone commando team. Firepower would come from an increased number of soldiers in such a squad: twelve instead of four soldiers. A low-profile, stealthy weapon was also needed: the DC-15M6 autoblaster, more commonly known as the "Republic Micro".

Because Micro Squad was the first squad of the 86th Reconnaissance Regiment to be armed with Republic Micros, it was given the name "Micro Squad".

Operational History

Micro Squad was sent to evacuate civilians from a potential fire zone during the great shootout of the Mygeeto Insurrection, several weeks after the advent of the Galactic Empire. However, they were spotted by the insurrectors, and took heavy casualties: four died, and five were taken hostage before the last three were able to evacuate. Only the chivalrous actions of Ansilon Squad were able to rescue the five hostages, and each hostage survived.

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