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race: Human, Caucasian
role: Beggar
location: outside Megaton
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: Water Beggars
SPECIAL: 6ST, 5PE, 4EN, 4CH, 4IN, 6AG, 4LK
base id: 000C6E90
ref id: 000C6E91

Micky is a vagrant outside Megaton who repeatedly asks the Lone Wanderer for Purified Water. Every donation of water gives 50 Karma and it is repeatable action, giving the same amount of karma every time. This provides a karma-farming opportunity, especially if the player has a home in Megaton and thereby unlimited water.

Micky wears a Wasteland Settler Outfit and it is his only possession.

Main article: Water Beggars


  • Micky cannot be mezzed
  • Micky will die if given Aqua Pura even if the player didn't add the FEV vial to the purifier and Karma is still rewarded.
  • If Micky enters Megaton, the residents will kill him.
  • Micky can be found dead if left without water for too long.


Micky appears only in Fallout 3.

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