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For the mirror universe counterpart, see Michael Eddington (mirror).
Full Name: Michael Paul Eddington
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Died: 2373
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Starfleet Security
Marital Status: Married
Spouse(s): Rebecca Sullivan
Previous Assignment: Deep Space 9
Final Assignment: Maquis leader
Rank: Lieutenant commander
Insignia: Image:2370s sci ltcmdr.png

Michael Paul Eddington was a Starfleet Lieutenant Commander of Canadian origin assigned to Deep Space 9 and the USS Defiant in 2371. He was born in 2327 somewhere in the Buffalo, New York and Niagara Falls, Ontario area.





Eddington travelled to Deep Space 9 aboard the Defiant and worked with T'Rul in assigning guards to protect the Romulan cloaking device. Eddington was assigned to Deep Space 9 to oversee Starfleet security, as Starfleet Command was concerned with Odo's style of law keeping. (DS9 episode: "The Search, Part I")

Later in 2371, Admiral Toddman had him sabotage the Defiant's cloaking device to stop Benjamin Sisko using the starship to rescue Odo and Elim Garak from the Tal Shiar/Obsidian Order attack on the Founders of the Dominion. (DS9 episode: "The Die is Cast")

Later that year, Eddington attended the ceremony for Sisko's promotion to captain. He later served on the bridge of the Defiant on its mission to the Tzenkethi border and later helped to hunt for a Founder that was posing as Ambassador Krajensky. (DS9 episode: "The Adversary")

In 2372, Eddington was part of the joint Starfleet and Trill Science Ministry team that attempted to create an artificial wormhole. After the Defiant was damaged by a collapsing wormhole, Eddington was injured when a plasma leak broke out in Main Engineering. Eddington gave Jadzia Dax time to get Lenara Kahn to safety before venting the damaged compartment into space. (DS9 episode: "Rejoined")

Eddington commanded Deep Space 9 when Benjamin Sisko and other senior officers were at a conference. After Sisko and the others' patterns did not materialize, Eddington had the computer store them elsewhere before they degraded. Eddington later worked with Rom and Odo to reintegrate the senior officers. (DS9 episode: "Our Man Bashir")

The Maquis

Eddington with his wife Rebecca and Maquis members.

By the time of his assignment to Deep Space 9, Eddington was a member of the Maquis and was their contact aboard Deep Space 9. He would often send them reports, such as information on the Defiant. After Tuvok joined the Maquis, Eddington sent Cal Hudson his personnel report. (ST novel: The Third Artifact)

Eddington smuggled several photon torpedoes for the Maquis off Deep Space 9 on at least one occasion. (VOY novel: The Badlands, Part III)

Eddington's impetus to leave Starfleet came when a shipment of industrial replicators bound for Cardassia came through Deep Space 9. Using Kasidy Yates' illegal transport of medical supplies to the Maquis to keep Sisko occupied, Eddington had the replicators loaded onto a Vulcan freighter]] and left Deep Space 9 with them. (DS9 episode: "For the Cause")

Sisko tracked down Eddington in 2373 and pursued him obsessively. later deserted Starfleet for the Maquis and died for its cause in 2373. Eddington likened himself and Captain Sisko as characters from Victor Hugo's novel Les Misérables. Sisko poisoned the atmosphere of Solosos III with trilithium and threatened to infect more Maquis colonies. Eddington opted to hand himself over and was imprisoned. (DS9 episode: "For the Uniform")

Later in 2373, Rebecca Sullivan, Eddington's wife, sent a general message to Eddington informing him they had launched the cloaked missiles against Cardassia. The missiles did not exist, but were a code to tell him they had reached their safehouse on Athos IV. Sisko, believing Eddington could disarm the missiles from Athos, brought Eddington there, but soon discovered the missile story had been faked. To give Sisko time to evacuate Sullivan and the other Maquis survivors, Eddington engaged several Jem'Hadar in a phaser battle and was killed. His last word was his wife's name. (DS9 episode: "Blaze of Glory")


Eddington's capture robbed the Maquis of their strongest leader. (DS9 novel: The Badlands, Part IV)

After Eddington's death, Sisko reflected that although he had called Eddington a traitor, he was loyal to the Maquis until the bitter end. (DS9 episode: "Blaze of Glory")

In 2374, Sisko cited Eddington, along with James Leyton, Cal Hudson and Tomas Roeder as people who had been driven away from Starfleet. (DS9 novel: Hollow Men)

In 2376, Alynna Nechayev commented that Eddington was a charismatic leader. Solosos III, the planet on which Eddington led the Maquis colony, became revered as the site of the Maquis' most noble defeat. (TNG novel: The Genesis Wave, Book 3)

Alternate timelines

In an alternate timeline in which the Cardassians did not leave Bajor in 2369, Eddington was assigned to the USS Enterprise-E in 2373. (Star Trek: Myriad Universes novel: A Gutted World)


  • Eddington's date and place of birth are based largely upon actor Kenneth Marshall, who portrayed him at age 46; hailing from New York City. Eddington owned a Canadian one dollar coin from the 21st century, a family keepsake. (DS9: "Blaze of Glory")
  • Eddington's first name was given as "Paul" in The Search.





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Lt. Commander Michael Eddington was a Starfleet security officer and Maquis rebel. Before his defection to the Maquis, he was stationed aboard Deep Space 9; his "betrayal" of Captain Benjamin Sisko would lead to intense animosity between the two men. Eddington was killed by the Jem'Hadar in 2373 while he and Sisko staged a rescue of other Maquis from the Badlands. (DS9: "The Search, Part I", "For the Cause", "For the Uniform", "Blaze of Glory")


Fan continuities

Star Trek: Pendragon

Governor Michael Eddington in 2379.

In the Pendragon timeline, Eddington's defection to the Maquis came after the start of the Federation Civil War in 2372. In a message left for Captain Sisko, he said, "The Federation has grown complacent. Leyton's wrong, but that doesn't make you right. If I have to go to war, then I'm going to fight for something I believe in." Afterwards, blame for Leyton's success in destroying Deep Space 9 wrongfully fell on Eddington. (PDN: "Sword of Damocles")

Nonetheless, when Starfleet approached Eddington for help in stopping Leyton, he agreed, and with Cal Hudson led a Maquis fleet into Sector 001 as part of Operation Return. In exchange, Starfleet agreed to help repel the Klingon incursions into the DMZ. However, once the war was won, Admiral Nechayev and the other members of Starfleet Command went back on their word, and left the Maquis to fend for themselves again. Furious, Eddington tried to rally support, but failed. (PDN: "The Good Fight", "The Distant Fire")

In 2374, he was negotiating for aid from other powers when the Klingons attacked Cervalis V and Tevlik's moon, when over sixty-thousand Maquis and civilians were slaughtered. He was was one of few Maquis leaders to survive the massacres, and felt extreme guilt over his absence. For the next five years, he built refugee camps in the Volan system, and forged an uneasy alliance with Akellen Macet. (PDN: "The Distant Fire")


  • According to Ronald D. Moore, when the DS9 writers created Eddington, they had no idea he would eventually end up as a Maquis.



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This article uses material from the "Michael Eddington" article on the ST Expanded wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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