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Miasmic Barrage
Members only? Yes
Level 97
Runes 4 Soul
4 Blood
4 Earth
Spellbook Ancient
Experience 54 + 2 for every hit done
Quest Desert Treasure
Lectern None
Miasmic Barrage.

Miasmic Spells, along with PvP Worlds and the accompanying Zuriel's staff required to cast them, were released by Jagex on 15 October 2008.

Miasmic Barrage requires a Magic level of 97 and can do a maximum of 35 damage (without a castlewar bracelet or an extreme magic potion or an overload potion), or 315 damage if cast on 9 opponents in the same time, making it the strongest spell in the game. In addition, any players affected by the spell will have their melee or ranged attack speeds reduced by 50% (weapon attack speed cut in half) for 48 seconds. It can hit multiple targets in a 3x3 square area. As with all Ancient Magicks spells, the quest Desert Treasure must be completed to cast this spell. The spell also requires Zuriel's staff to cast, making it one of the first Ancient Magicks to require more than just runes (along with the other Miasmic spells). It also has the highest level requirement of any spell.

Under perfect conditions, Miasmic Barrage is capable of inflicting 41 damage (not including a castle wars bracelet), using Extreme magic or Overload potions, or 369 damage if cast on 9 opponents at the same time. Due to the high accuracy of magic, this could be one of the most effective ways of fighting warriors. With a Castle Wars bracelet, this spell can hit a maximum of 48 damage, or 376(on a flag holder and 8 other opponents).

Although the damage and special effects make it excellent for battling armies of warriors, the extremely high cost and the high level requirement (meaning that mages using this spell would easily be disabled by a couple of specials from the Seercull bow, the Dragon hatchet, or even the dragon pickaxe) are major drawbacks.

Miasmic barrage costs 2420 coins to cast.

Remember, you cannot use normal spells or Lunar Spells if you are using the Ancient Magicks spellbook.


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