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Miasma is a poisonous, gaseous substance that plagues the world and surrounds everything like air. It is the eternal threat of the people in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Miasma is similar to Mist, a gaseous monster-creating substance found in Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy XII.



Miasma is pure poison. Even the slightest contact harms a person, and prolonged contact with it can cause death. Furthermore, it is the substance that is responsible for the appearance of the monsters. It is said that long ago there was no Miasma and no monsters. Although, in Ring of Fates which takes place before the spread of Miasma monsters still exists. This is the same for My Life as a King where the Miasma is now gone but monsters still exist. Sometimes a random Yuke in My Life as a King will question this and say that the "definition" of what people thought monsters were will have to change.

The only way to keep the Miasma away is to remain inside the barrier of a crystal. The crystals in the world are protecting the people from the Miasma, but their power is not endless. Every year the crystals have to be cleansed by Myrrh, which is collected by the Crystal Caravans.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

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Miasma is produced by the Meteor Parasite, brought to the world in a meteor that crashed into Mount Vellenge centuries ago. The gas brings pain and suffering to the world, so that the memories of the people are focused more on this pain and suffering. This is because Raem, who devours the memories of people, prefers these kinds of memories, and as a result has a somewhat symbiotic relationship with the parasite.

When the miasma began to spread over the land, the Carbuncles advised the inhabitants to live near the crystals, which emit a protective barrier warding off the miasma. As a result, settlements sprouted wherever such a crystal rested.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates takes place before the Meteor Parasite arrived, thus before the spread of Miasma. In Alhanalem's collection of books, there is one book titled "CRYSTALS AND BIG BANG THEORY" which briefly reads "As for the relationship between crystals and Miasma..." not much is revealed by this quote, other then Miasma was known to exist before the Meteor Parasite's arrival. In certain dungeons there is a poisonous gas that fill rooms, similar to Miasma. In the Crystal Temple, certain rooms are filled with the gas and can only be repelled by a Lilty's urn. When a Lilty's urn is placed on certain platform in these gas rooms, they create temporary sphere around the party that keeps the gas out just like the Crystal Chalice in the original game. The other dungeon filled with this gas is the River Belle. It is a remake of the River Belle Path from the original game right down to the area being filled with gas.

In multiplayer mode, a Yuke who returns after you clear a certain dungeon mentions that he seemed to wander into a separate world, filled with miasma, where the only safety was in the crystals' light.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King takes place directly after the original game. The young King Leo is beginning to restore his Kingdom after it had been destroyed by the Miasma.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

While the Yuke that resembles Lich from Ring of Fates attempts to tell a moral story to a mother Lilty and her daughter, she makes a story about a disease in the air that slowly killed off people near it. Eventually, the Lilties believe in the story, with the mother Lilty stating "We're going home straight this instant! And when we do, we'll brush our teeth and scrub our hands until they're pink!"

Other Appearances

Final Fantasy

In the PSP version of Final Fantasy, miasma appears in the Labyrinth of Time when the player has run out of time for the current trial. The miasma drains both HP and MP slowly. It can be put at bay once per floor by talking to a glowing light and sacrificing another ability to buy more time.

Final Fantasy XI

In Final Fantasy XI, Miasma takes the form of plumes of ebony gas coming out of the ground that create barriers in certain places.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Miasma is an attack utilized by vampires and zombies that causes poisoning and area damage.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Miasma is an enemy ability used by the Zombie family. It is an area attack that damages close units and inflicts Poison to them.

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Guild Wars

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Effect details
Campaign: Factions
Type: Environment Effect

While suffering from Miasma, you have -5 Health degeneration. Miasma spreads between creatures of the same kind.

Concise: You have -5 Health degeneration. Miasma spreads between creatures of the same kind.
Clouds of Miasma


While behaving very similar to Disease, Miasma is not a condition. It also is neither an enchantment nor hex, so there is no way for players to remove this effect by themselves. Fortunately, it will wear off after some time, and it can be removed with the Blessing of the Kirin. It appears as purple clouds close to the ground.

Creatures affected by miasma are surrounded by a green smoky cloud and a swarm of flies, the same artwork as Disease.


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