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Release date Unknown edit
Race Undead Human
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes - The Great Brain Robbery
Location Harmony Island (until completion)
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? Yes
Gender Male
Examine Little. Evil. Different.
Notable features A surgeon of Rabid Jack.
Mi-Gor is an undead pirate surgeon currently in the service of Rabid Jack, a feared fleet master within the Eastern Sea. Mi-Gor once served as a prominent surgeon for Jack's men, gaining a powerful and respected reputation during the Eastern Sea Civil War. Like most of Jack's crew, he was killed during the Battle of the Archipelago, and has since been re-animated through some type of necromancy.

Mi-Gor is currently the captain of a ship known as The Hangman, which recently laid siege to the peaceful Saradominist monastery of Harmony Island. Since his forced departure from the island, his whereabouts are unknown, although it is believed that Jack's crew has begun to regather in the Cursed Archipelago in the southern reaches of the Eastern Sea.

Mi-Gor plays a central role in the Great Brain Robbery quest, during which players work to remove his influence from Harmony Island. He is expected to play a future role in the Pirate quest series, which centres around the region.


Physical Description

Mi-Gor is believed to be human, although his disguised face makes it somewhat difficult to determine. He is extremely short, standing roughly the height of the average dwarf or gnome. For unknown reasons, his lungs have deteriorated immensely since his arrival in the fleet, perhaps due to his constant exposure to smoke and disease. In order to survive, he must wear a complicated breathing mechanism which covers his face and chest. He still has difficulty breathing, constantly coughing and wheezing during conversation.

Mi-Gor has yet to be seen in combat, although his frail body, non-combat profession, and heavy breathing apparatus make it unlikely that he is capable of any degree of armed combat. Instead, Mi-Gor uses his surgical skills to create bodyguards, such as the Barrelchest seen on Harmony.



Early life

Virtually nothing is known of Mi-Gor's life before joining the fleet of Rabid Jack, although it is likely he was born on one of the many inhabited islands in the Eastern Sea. His knowledge of surgical procedure suggests that even before joining the Fleet, he was trained as a surgeon of some kind. His ability to command a ship and control military activity suggests that he may also have experience in sailing or the navy.

In the recent Fifth Age, approximately 10 years ago, Rabid Jack betrayed the trust of the pirates in the region. Jack, having served to protect Mos Le'Harmless for years from more hostile forces, set his sights upon the island itself. Believing he deserved complete control over the Eastern Sea's underground shipping industry, Jack amassed a sizeable fleet capable of rivalling both the region's organised piracy ring and the Customs and Exise Office which opposed the people of the region.

Mi-Gor, for reasons unknown, became a member of Jack's fleet as it prepared for war, using his surgical expertise to provide medical aid to the fleet's injured and ill. Recognising his talent, Jack gave Mi-Gor control over the fleet's entire medical staff, unofficially referred to as "Sorebones". His military ability even earned him control over his own warship, dubbed "The Hangman".

The Eastern Sea Civil War

The Battle of Mos Le'Harmless

Mos Le'Harmless, the pirate port where Mi-Gor first flexed his military muscle.

The Hangman, now controlled by Mi-Gor, proved a deadly force during the Eastern Sea Civil War. Mi-Gor's first prominent role as captain would be to aid Jack's fleet, led by This Albatross, in the Battle of Mos Le'Harmless. The united resistance of the region, gathered under pirate legend Gentleman Mallard, was similarly large, but its need to reserve troops for land combat meant that much of its fleet could not be launched to meet the oncoming warships.

Rabid Jack would come very near to claiming Mos Le'Harmless, causing massive damage to the port and its populace. Mi-Gor's military genius would play a prominent role in the battle, The Hangman and its crew proving potent in naval combat. Despite this, Jack's fleet could not claim the island, and was eventually driven south from the island chain. Defeated and weakened, Jack's fleet fled to the Cursed Archipelago, an uninhabited island chain abundant with dark magic.

Exile and Customs War

After fleeing Mos Le'Harmless, many initially thought Jack to have given up his aspirations to monopolise the region. This brief peacetime was short-lived, however, as Jack's fleet launched a renewed and bloody assault upon the region from their base in the Cursed Archipelago. Preying upon pirate, merchant, and military vessels alike, Jack's name became hated not only to the pirates, but also to the wealthy trade ships that traversed the Eastern and Southern Seas. Because these attacks were isolated, the Eastern Sea resistance was unable to make significant action against these rogue attacks, and the prospect of travelling to the feared Archipelago long deterred a significant fight.

Mi-Gor grew only more dangerous during this time, The Hangman proving a merciless predator to all it encountered. These attacks became so frequent, costly, and brutal that the Customs and Exise Office launched the Customs Anti-Piracy Campaign, a military and protest campaign against piracy as a whole. Areas where piracy had been accepted in exchange for payment, such as Port Sarim in southern Asgarnia and East Ardougne in central Kandarin, became strictly monitored by the Customs and Exise Office. Pirates captured were either imprisoned in the newly constructed Rock Island Prison off the coast of Karamja or executed.

This drastic measure hurt the resistance, which suffered under Customs' thumb even more than Jack's fleet. Despite a massive effort to apprehend Mi-Gor by Customs, the resistance, and various regional governments, the Hangman remained illusive and unsinkable. His favour only increased during this time, his cruel methods and military might appealing greatly to Jack.

The Battle of the Archipelago

The battle aboard This Albatross. Mi-Gor was unable to defend his master.

The resistance in the Eastern Sea eventually came to realise that, if the Customs Campaign continued, they would eventually be completely unable to operate due to heavy maritime restrictions and the constant threat of capture, imprisonment, or execution. In a final suicide effort to eliminate Jack's fleet, the resistance attacked their base on the Cursed Archipelago, nearly using their entire army to attack.

The Hangman was a key combatant in the battle, but ultimately proved unable to fend off the resistance warships. It was reportedly one of the last ships still standing, alongside others such as The Barbarous, The Inebriated, and This Albatross. As This Albatross was boarded and Jack seemingly forced to commit suicide, The Hangman took on heavy water and was ultimately sank. Mi-Gor was killed in the battle, either directly or during The Hangman's destruction.

After the battle was over, the few survivors of Jack's fleet were executed and all remaining warships destroyed. The Customs and Exise Office soon abandoned the anti-piracy campaign, although the semi-tolerant relationship between minor piracy and maritime law would never fully recover. The resistance unceremoniously left Mi-Gor's body to rot on the Archipelago: a costly mistake.

Revival and Return to Service

Harmony Island, besieged by Mi-Gor.

For more than ten years, Mi-Gor's infamous name would live on only in largely inaccurate tales told in bars throughout the Eastern Sea. Rabid Jack, whose body had never been found after jumping from This Albatross, secretly returned from the dead. Re-establishing his horde in the uninhabited Cursed Archipelago, Jack somehow revived the majority of his fleet as the undead. Mi-Gor was amongst the thousands revived, his body frail even in its undead state. Control of The Hangman was returned to him soon after. Whilst Jack devised a new plan to control the Eastern Sea, Mi-Gor would bide his time performing horrible surgical operations upon both captives and his indestructible crew.

The following takes place during the Rum Deal quest.

Soon after, the Braindeath 'rum' brewing facility on Braindeath Island lost all contact with its buyers in the region. Because its location was long kept a secret by its owner, civil war veteran Captain Braindeath, little effort could be made to re-establish any type of contact with it.

Eventually, an adventurer was recruited to aid in liberating the island, which had been overrun by zombie pirates under the undead Captain Donnie. The adventurer, who was an ally of the famous Bill Teach, was taken to the island, where the attack was repelled. Donnie's return, however, created fear that Jack and his fleet had returned.

The Assault of Harmony Island

The following takes place partially during The Great Brain Robbery quest.

Mi-Gor's first significant action after revival came in the shape of a brutal attack on the Saradominist monastic settlement on Harmony Island. Harmony, which had long been a peaceful place for pirates to seek penance, possessed no army or defence to rebel The Hangman and its merciless crew.

The Hangman ran aground on the north side of the island, from which its crew attacked the monastery and captured the island's populace. Mi-Gor, perhaps purely for sadistic entertainment, forced a twisted operation upon the monks, removing their still-functional brains from their bodies and placing them in animated corpses. The "zombie monks", led by Brother Tranquility, eventually managed to escape their prison in the abbey, taking up barricaded residence in the island's grainery.

The Barrelchest, one of Mi-Gor's creations.

Harmony's central church was heavily damaged in the attack. Blasts from pirate artillery unearthed an underwater tunnel beneath the monastery, severely weakening its foundation and allowing the pirates another method of entry. Mi-Gor continually switched positions, alternating between The Hangman anchored on the island and the abbey itself. From here he planned further attacks upon neighbouring islands, particularly Mos Le'Harmless to the north.

Brother Harmony, the monks' leader, managed to escape to Mos Le'Harmless, where he gained the support of the adventurer who had solved the situation on Braindeath Island. With the help of the Morytanian Doctor Fenkenstrain, the monks' bodies were returned to them. Meanwhile, the adventurer managed to enter the pirate-controlled church through the underwater tunnel which they themselves had exposed.

The adventurer confronted Mi-Gor, in the church's main hall. Mi-Gor, seemingly unguarded, summoned a monstrosity known as Barrelchest, which he had created by transplanting a brain into a machine. Though Barrelchest was slain, Mi-Gor himself managed to escape the island, making his current whereabouts and goals unclear.


Mi-Gor is amongst the most feared generals in Rabid Jack's already terrifying fleet. Mi-Gor is extremely bitter and self-conscious, at least partially because of his size. He has long abandoned proper surgical practice, instead preferring to use his medical prowess to torture patients and to create various warped and deformed creatures.

Mi-Gor's capacity for cruelty knows no bounds. Captive foes or misbehaved crew are forced to undergo his deranged experiments, most of which are purely for entertainment rather than research. He is fond of transplanting brains and other organs into foreign hosts, as well as creating entirely new creatures from organs and machinery. Those he does not wish to operate on are often put through a form of torture referred to as being "put in the box." Although the nature of this process is unknown, he will gladly use it on anyone, including the Sorebones beneath him.

Despite his inability to fight, Mi-Gor is a military genius renowned for his brutal and unorthodox methods. One example of this was his attack on Harmony Island, during which he used a mix of artillery, hand-to-hand combat, arson, naval warfare, and island-wide poison gas attacks to combat his enemies.

Mi-Gor is loyal to Rabid Jack, and this bond is only believed to have strengthened since his re-animation. His loyalty seems largely voluntarily, as Mi-Gor gains a deep joy from what he does.

Mi-Gor's lethal gas attack upon Harmony Island.


  • Mi-Gor's name may be based on Mi-Go, a fictional race that plays a role in H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulu Mythos. It is also likely a variation of the name of the universal assistant archetype Igor, a character present in many Frankenstein adaptations, though not in the original novel by Mary Shelley.
  • Mi-Gor's difficulty breathing and swollen chest may be a reference to the fatal lung disease Emphysema, which causes victims to develop a "barrel-chest" (the name of the boss in The Great Brain Robbery) and a deep voice, both of which are prominent in Mi-Gor.
  • Mi-Gor's Examine info is a reference to the Ibuprofin-based medication, Nuprin, whos advertisement slogan was "Little. Yellow. Different. Better." The examine information for an item in Olaf's Quest also shares this trait.
  • Mi-Gor's practice of performing medical experiments upon live patients may have been influenced by Nazi surgeon Joseph Mengele, a medical officer in the World War II-era Auschwitz death camp.

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