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race: Human, Hispanic
affiliation: Pitt Raiders
role: Guard
location: The Pitt Bridge, gate to The Pitt Downtown
appearances: The Pitt
quests: Into the Pitt
base id: xx006166
ref id: xx006167

Mex is a slaver guarding the gate to The Pitt around 2277.


Daily schedule

Mex and three of his men keep their guns trained on the road into town all day, ready to blow away any pests or vermin trying to get in.

Interactions with the player character

He will take all the items in your inventory (except the "hidden weapon" you may have received from Werhner and the Slave Outfit) and then tell you to enter Downtown.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Raider Armor Chinese Assault Rifle
R91 Assault Rifle
Infiltrator -


  • Mex also has an Infiltrator, the new silenced and scoped R91 Assault Rifle featured in The Pitt. He is not the only NPC to wield this weapon, however, as his two guards as well as Gruber in The Hole also wield it.
  • When he strips you of your weapons, even if you have no items on you, he still says "Where'd you get all this shit? Whatever. It's mine now. I hit the jackpot today!"

Behind the Scenes

  • Mex is most likely a reference to the chain of Mad Mex restaurants, which are relatively popular in Pittsburgh, and the surrounding area like in Monroeville and Squirrel Hill.


Mex appears in The Pitt add-on for Fallout 3.

The Pitt (add-on)

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