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Tellah casting Meteor
"So be it! Let my life fuel the spell that ends his!"
—Tellah casts Meteor

Meteor is a powerful spell in Final Fantasy IV. The ultimate Black Magic, it bombards the enemy with small meteors and can do massive damage. However, its power can easily backlash and kill the caster. In the original official SNES translation, and in the second translation for the PlayStation, it was titled Meteo.


The party first learns of Meteor from Tellah. Wishing to avenge his daughter Anna, he seeks Meteor to kill Golbez. He thus is searching for Meteor on Mount Ordeals, and encounters Cecil Harvey there. The young mages Palom and Porom warn Tellah Meteor is too dangerous in his old age, but Tellah does not listen. At the summit, the spirit of Kluya restores Tellah's memories, granting him all the spells he has forgotten, and also teaches him Meteor. When they return to Mysidia, the Elder of Mysidia warns Tellah against Meteor, and implies that the spell had been sealed away for some time for being too dangerous. However, Tellah does not listen.

Some time later in the Tower of Zot, Tellah claims his chance at revenge. Assailing Golbez with the strongest spells he knows to no avail, Tellah finally casts Meteor. The spell weakens Golbez, forces him to flee and shatters his telepathic control of Kain Highwind. However, the effort to cast Meteor drains what is left of Tellah's life force, and he perishes soon after.

In the final scenes of the game, Golbez and Fusoya combine their powers to cast Twin Meteor, originally titled W. Meteo in the SNES and PlayStation translations, on Zemus, killing him. When Zemus is reborn as Zeromus, Golbez and Fusoya use the normal Meteor spell on him to no effect, and Zeromus then counters with his own Meteor spell to nearly kill them.

In Battle

Tellah casts Meteor in the Nintendo DS release

In battle, Meteor costs 99 MP to cast and is therefore the most expensive spell in the game, apart from the Twincast option Ultima. However, it ignores magic defense and split damage, as well as the statuses Shell and Reflect. This overall makes it the most powerful offensive spell in the game, although in the Nintendo DS release Ultima is stronger. When Tellah acquires the spell, he only has 90 MP and cannot gain more normally, although in some releases items and Augments can be used to increase his MP.

Rydia can learn Meteor at Level 60 (Level 80 in the Nintendo DS release). Fusoya knows every spell in the game, including Meteor, and has 190 MP and thus can cast it easily. Palom also learns Meteor at Level 50. By equipping Palom and Porom with the Twin Stars, there is a chance their Twin command will cast Twin Meteor, which has higher power than Meteor. However, they are only able to do this in the Advance release.

Although the Twin Meteor spell originally appeared as a normal Meteor spell with a different name, in the Nintendo DS release it has slightly different graphics and breaks the damage limit to do 99,999 damage to Zemus.

Zeromus will cast Meteor during the final battle, but it will not always do 9,999 damage and may not even target all party members.

In the Nintendo DS release, Meteor is non-elemental. In all other releases, it is Holy-elemental.


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