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A Bronze Dragon.
An Iron Dragon.
A Steel Dragon.
A Mithril Dragon.

Metal dragons are metal versions of dragons, whose hides are metallic: Bronze dragons, Iron dragons, Steel dragons, and Mithril dragons in ascending order of combat level. Bronze, iron and steel dragons can be found in the Brimhaven Dungeon, and they are often fought for their dragon platelegs and dragon plateskirt drops. All metal dragons but the bronze dragon are known to drop the elusive draconic visage. Metal dragons have high defence, but they detest magic:



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For Mithril dragons see: Ancient Cavern

Metal dragons (except Mithril dragons) are located in Brimhaven Dungeon. To access this, players must pay 875 coins or be wearing a set of Karamja gloves 3 and have a hatchet in order to chop blocking vines.


Magic is considered the best way to kill metal dragons, as an antifire potion and an anti-dragon shield will render a player immune to dragonfire for exactly six minutes per dose. Players who use melee against the dragons still leave themselves vulnerable to the dragons' melee attacks, and Ranged does not work as well against the heavy metal hide of the dragons, though using a crossbow with diamond bolts(e) is quite passable.

Another not-so-known strategy, one used to save the need for prayer potions and requiring only antifire potions, is the hit-and-run method. This method can only be performed on Bronze, Iron, and Steel dragons. If done correctly, a player should be able to time themselves so that they can attack the dragon using melee and then immediately step away to prevent the dragon using any other attack other than their fire breath. After a bit of practice, a player should be able hit and run at the Dragon so that they do not take any damage.

NOTE: This is a risky method and thus should not be done if you are afraid, or have a computer that lags. To practice this method, you should test it using gear that you do not mind losing.


An ideal inventory for ranging Metal Dragons in Brimhaven dungeon.




Fighting metal dragons with melee is not recommended due to their strong melee attack. It is advised to be at least level 80 for Bronze dragons and 90 or higher for the stronger dragons.

Inventory Essentials


  • Runes for High Level Alchemy (to alchemy all the items that you get but cannot keep for lack of inventory space).
  • Single-click teleports: Teleport tablets, ectophial. This saves inventory space and allows for quick escape if in danger.
  • Using techniques that one is familiar with helps when engaging in combat with these dragons, but using low-levelled gear that is not needed upon death is good for practice.
  • Potions
  • Ring of life
  • Summoning creatures that could help, such as a bunyip.

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