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The Taurus meta-genome was discovered by the USS Constellation in the area of space known as the Taurus Reach in 2263.

The meta-genome was created unknown thousands of years ago by the race known as the Shedai when they went into a state of extended hibernation. The Shedai expected to use the information contained in the meta-genome to rebuild their ancient civilization upon their awakening.

The incredibly complex DNA, originally found in a simple mold, contained millions of chromosomes, only a small number of which were needed for a mold, or any known life-form. The rest of the information contained in the DNA was a huge amount of raw technological data, the full extent of which is currently unknown. What is known is that information gained from the Taurus meta-genome led to the invention of the Project Genesis technology, and medical breakthroughs such as dermal regenerators.

Upon realizing the full potential of the meta-genome, Starfleet fast-tracked the construction of the Vanguard station in the Taurus Reach in order to study this new discovery more closely.

The meta-genome has been known to have been found on the worlds Ravanar IV, Erilon, Palgrenax, and Gamma Tauri IV. (VGD novels: Harbinger, Summon the Thunder, Reap the Whirlwind)

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