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Includes a list of various vehicles, both common and unique found in the DC Universe. Many vehicles may also be found elsewhere on the database under their own article names. See Vehicles for a complete list.

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Appellaxian Meteor Ship
These were large, green space vessels with internal star drives housed inside of a mineral shell that resembled a meteor. Members of the Appellaxian alien race used these ships when they first sent their young warriors to Earth as scouts for potential conquest. Seven such ships landed across the globe and their occupants came into conflict with various members of Earth’s super-hero community. This adventure led to the formation of the Justice League of America. [1]
The Arrowcar was a specially designed vehicle in the shape of a giant arrow. It was originally driven by Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), was later stolen by the Scavenger, then ultimately destroyed by Solomon Grundy.[citation needed]


Brian Boru
The Brian Boru was a small sailing vessel used by sailor Lance O'Casey and his first-mate Monk Hogan in the early 1940s. It was later replaced by the Brian Boru II.
Bruce Wayne I
The Bruce Wayne was an aircraft/spacecraft carrier from the year 2067. An old man from the year 2199 once claimed that Superman saved him from a life or death situation outside the station. The station was named after Superman's close friend, Bruce Wayne. [2]
Bruce Wayne II
The Bruce Wayne II was a space station commissioned some twenty years after the construction of the Bruce Wayne I in the late 21st century. [3]


In Pre-Crisis continuity, the Columbus was Earth's first manned space craft. Launched in 1958, it was the ship to make first contact with the Coluan known as Brainiac.[4]
The Cometeer was the world's first single-person space-rocket. It was developed by Professor Emery Zackro in 1951 and possessed a special driving coil, which provided a thrust speed of 200,000 horsepower.[citation needed] Captain Comet piloted the Cometeer on many of his various space adventures.
The Constitution was an experimental NASA space-shuttle. It nearly crashed into the city of Metropolis, but Clark Kent flew into sky and brought the ship safely down. The incident inspired reporter Lois Lane to name him Superman for the first time. [5]
Cosmic Boat
The Cosmic Boat was a small space vessel shaped like an old Earth Viking skiff. Operated by Kanjar Ro, he blackmailed the Justice League of America and forced them to row his boat to other worlds in a bid where he expected them to aid them in galactic conquest. [6]











Manta, The
The Manta was a submersible bathyscaphe designed by Professor Martin Stein. Marine biologist, David Drake, piloted the Manta on an exploratory mission shortly before transforming into the villain known as Typhoon.[citation needed]
Messerschmitt Bf 109
The Messerschmitt Bf 109 was one of several fighter aircraft of the early-mid 20th century piloted by the infamous German pilot, the "Hammer of Hell" Hans von Hammer
See also: Category:Messerschmitt Bf 109/Appearances
Messerschmitt Me 262
The Messerschmitt Me 262 was one of several fighter aircraft of the early-mid 20th century piloted by the infamous German pilot, the "Hammer of Hell" Hans von Hammer
See also: Category:Messerschmitt Me 262/Appearances


Neptune Explorer, The
The Neptune Explorer was a sailing vessel operated by Captain Anton Hammer. The villain known as Typhoon destroyed the Explorer, and later killed Hammer as well.[citation needed]



The Pequod was a hovercraft with VTOL capabilities. It was the chosen capital ship of Nightwing's Outsiders.



The Redbird was a sports car owned by Robin (Tim Drake). Drake was allowed to have a driver's permit at a young age in order to transport his father Jack, who was disabled at the time. He also used it while adventuring as Robin. [7]
The Riskmobile was $230,000 Ferrari purchased by Cody Driscoll under Loren Jupiter's expense account. When he learned of the frivolous purchase, Jupiter swore that he would dock Cody's allowance until he could pay off the entire thing. Cody eventually gave the car to his mother so that she could sell it to help out with her financial woes. [8][9]


Main article: Sam
Named for the late Samantha Flynn, this vehicle is a modified 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP. Sam's owner, Diego Zhao, aka Rush, made special modifications to the vehicle to aid him in his one-man crusade. [10]
Snapper Carr's Hot Rod
Snapper Car drove a hotrod during his early adventures with the Justice League of America while living in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.[11] The final fate of the vehicle is unknown, but it has likely been decommissioned as Carr no longer drives it.
See also: Category:Snapper Carr's Hot Rod/Appearances





Wildcat's Motorcycle
Main article: Wildcat's motorcycle
Wildcat rides an antique Indian motorcycle that he has modified to include a cat-shaped decorative shield across the front.[citation needed]





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