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Part 1

Brief overview: The Borg assimilate a Doomsday Weapon which threatens the balance of the entire galaxy.

Part 2

Brief overview: Rand wakes up six days later. Realising her memories have been retconned she tries to piece together her lost week.

Memorable quotes

"...Retcon, right"
"Yeah, well I also considered calling it Continuity reboot or Purist poison but I thought those two were a bit extreme
Rand explains her memory altering syrum. This is an odd reference to some fan concerns that the eleventh Star Trek film will be a Continuity reboot.
"We are the Borg, lower your shields and surrender your Rand"
— The Borg contact Pioneer
"I am the beginning, the end… I am she who is many and many who are one. I am the Borg."
— A mysterious woman adresses Rand
"As the years passed, I was killed so many times by your meddling Starfleet friends… DataJanewaySeven… eventually the Royal Protocol activated within this body and it became my next vessel. I assimilated all of its memories as my own mind filled its consciousness, your mother was an interesting individual… she is part of me… I cannot help but… feel compassion towards you."
— The Borg Queen forces Rand to face a deep emotional scar.

Log entries

  • "Medical log, stardate 65190.5. Ensign Hal’s condition is improving, and Crewman Agyeman’s leg is completely healed. The Retcon experiments are going well… and, yep that’s it.
--- Doctor Rand

Background information

  • Part 1 is the shortest episode of Star Trek: Pioneer to date since its purpose is to build up to the flashback scenes of Part 2.

See also

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External links

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