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Marquis Messam Elmdore
Elmdore's in-game portrait.
Sprite(s) Elmdore's in-game sprite
Japanese メスドラーマ・エルムドア
Romaji Mesudorāma Erumudoa
Age 39
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Voice actor(s)
Job Class Ark Knight
Affiliation Limberry
Final Fantasy Tactics Character
"Liege lord of Limberry. Marquis Elmdore battled fearlessly against the Ordallian army when it invaded Ivalice in the Fifty Years' War, hailed by friends as the Silver Prince and feared by foes as the Silver Demon."
—Personae description

Marquis Messam Elmdore de Limberry, also known as Marquis Mesdoram Elmdor, is the ruler of Limberry in Final Fantasy Tactics. He offered his body to the Lucavi demon Zalera to evade death. He was known as the "Silver Prince" by his allies, and the "Silver Demon" by his enemies. His Job, Ark Knight, is basically the Samurai with a different name.



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Marquis Elmdore was a popular figure amongst the common people of Limberry even though he is a noble. He is also a devout member of the Church of Glabados. He serves as one of Duke Goltanna's loyal generals in the War.


Abduction by the Corpse Brigade

Elmdore is abducted by Corpse Brigade captain Gustav Margriff during a trip to Eagrose Castle. His servant, Argath Thadalfus, escaped and was later rescued by Ramza Beoulve and Delita Heiral. Argath convinced the two to rescue the Marquis, despite orders from Ramza's brother Dycedarg to let him handle it. At the Sand Rat Sietch, Wiegraf Folles, leader of the Corpse Brigade, killed Gustav since he had acted without orders from Wiegraf who opposed the Marquis' kidnapping. When Ramza and Argath arrived, Wiegraf traded Elmdore for his own escape.

Joining the Lucavi

"Questions are the right of the victor, Ramza - not that of a man about to meet his end!"
—Elmdore, under Lucavi's command

When the War of the Lions broke out, Elmdore fought on the side of the Order of the Southern Sky. He was mortally wounded in battle, struck by a stray arrow, but because he was holding the Gemini Zodiac Stone, he did not die, but instead became a host to Zalera, one of the Lucavi demons. Now a part of the Lucavi plot, Elmdore was given two Ultima Demons disguised as human girls, Celia and Lettie, for servants. Elmdore then joined his Lucavi allies, Wiegraf and Folmarv Tengille, who was really Hashmal, at Riovanes Castle.

On the roof of the castle, he came across Grand Duke Gerrith Barrington trying to force Ramza to hand over a Zodiac Stone right after Ramza had defeated Belias. Lettie threw Barrington off the roof, and Elmdore and Celia quickly joined her to fight Ramza, who realized Elmdore's true nature, remembering that he was supposed to be dead. Despite the assassin girls' dangerous moves and Elmdore's own ability to use the Sword Spirit powers of Katanas, Ramza fended them off, and Elmdore retreated back to Limberry, telling Ramza to come as well.

Battle at Limberry Castle

As Ramza approached the castle, Celia and Lettie attacked with the help of many monsters, but Ramza forced them to retreat back inside, where Elmdore was meeting with Folmarv. The two girls warned them of Ramza's approach, and Elmdore told Folmarv to take care of resurrecting Ultima while he would deal with Ramza. Elmdore, Celia, and Lettie confronted Ramza and his allies in a hallway. Elmdore proved to be a dangerous opponent as he possessed the Vampire ability, but Ramza's forces fought back, killing Celia and Lettie. Elmdore rushed downstairs and summoned several undead to help him. As Ramza entered the room, he transformed into Zalera. Suddenly, Folmarv's daughter Meliadoul also entered the room, and witnessing Elmdore's transformation realized the truth about her father. She joined Ramza in battle against Zalera, and they defeated and killed the demon, thus destroying Elmdore as well.

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