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Head armor for Mesmer are masks covering the head. In Prophecies, Mesmer Prophecies Masks art varies for each attribute bonus and do not belong to any armor set. The Prophecies masks art is also used in Factions for the Mesmer Ascalon Armor, Mesmer Krytan Armor, as well as Mesmer Tyrian Armor art. All other headgear in Factions belong as part of an armor set. All headgear in Nightfall also are part of armor sets. PvP headgear uses the same art as Mesmer Prophecies Masks.

This chart shows the different types of attribute headgear available to Mesmers.

Function Armor bonus Campaign Name variations
Mesmer's None Prophecies and Factions Discreet Mask,
Mesmer Mask,
Fledgling's Mask
Attribute and
Domination Magic +1, Energy +1 Prophecies and Factions Imposing Mask
Fast Casting +1, Energy +1 Prophecies and Factions Sleek Mask,
Brilliant Mask
Illusion Magic +1, Energy +1 Prophecies and Factions Costume Mask,
Illusionary Mask
Inspiration Magic +1, Energy +1 Prophecies and Factions Animal Mask,
Inspiring Mask
Attribute and
empty slot for Insignia
Domination Magic +1, any Insignia Nightfall and PvP Imposing Mask
Fast Casting +1, any Insignia Nightfall and PvP Sleek Mask
Illusion Magic +1, any Insignia Nightfall and PvP Costume Mask
Inspiration Magic +1, any Insignia Nightfall and PvP Animal Mask



Prophecies Campaign - Crafting

Location NPC Crafter Armor Gold   +1 Inspiration +1 Illusion +1 Domination +1 Fast Casting
Discreet Animal Costume Imposing Sleek
Ascalon City
Piken Square
15 50 Gold 1 Dust        
Ascalon City Corwen 30 150 Gold 2 Dust 4 Cloth
1 Hide
4 Cloth
1 Feather
4 Cloth
1 Steel
4 Cloth
1 Linen
Yak's Bend Breyshaw
Lion's Arch Samuka
Bergen Hot Springs Kailan 39 250 Gold 3 Dust 6 Cloth
1 Hide
6 Cloth
1 Feather
6 Cloth
1 Steel
6 Cloth
1 Linen
Beetletun Shada
Quarrel Falls Saphir
Ventari's Refuge Hanita 45 400 Gold 4 Dust 8 Cloth
2 Hide
8 Cloth
2 Feather
8 Cloth
2 Steel
8 Cloth
2 Linen
Henge of Denravi Alemeth
The Amnoon Oasis Kathir 51 700 Gold 8 Dust 9 Cloth
3 Hide
9 Cloth
3 Feather
9 Cloth
3 Steel
9 Cloth
3 Linen
Droknar's Forge Seifred
60 1 Platinum 11 Dust 25 Cloth
4 Hide
25 Cloth
4 Feather
25 Cloth
4 Steel
25 Cloth
4 Linen

Prophecies Campaign - Collector

Collectors throughout the land are willing to trade you armor for the following items. To find out who and where the collectors for each item are, click on the item's name.

Region Armor +1 Inspiration Magic +1 Illusion Magic +1 Domination Magic +1 Fast Casting
Animal Mask Costume Mask Imposing Mask Sleek Mask
Northern Shiverpeaks 27 5 Icy Humps 5 Shiverpeak Manes 5 Frostfire Fangs 5 Shiverpeak Manes
Kryta 39 5 Gargantuan Jawbones 5 Spiked Crests 5 Abnormal Seeds 5 Feathered Caromi Scalps
Maguuma Jungle 51 5 Tangled Seeds 5 Behemoth Jaws 5 Ancient Eyes 5 Tangled Seeds
Crystal Desert 60 5 Shriveled Eyes 2 Bleached Shells 5 Jade Mandibles 5 Forgotten Seals

Factions Campaign

Note: Mesmer's Mask costs half the listed money.

Location Crafter Armor Gold Mesmer's Mask +1 Attribute
Shing Jea Monastery Nu Leng 15 50 Gold 2 Cloth 2 Cloth
1 Hide
Seitung Harbor Fugui Ge 45 150 Gold 8 Cloth 8 Cloth
2 Linen
Kaineng Center Suki 60 1 Platinum 25 Cloth 25 Cloth
4 Linen
Bukdek Byway Oroku 25 Cloth
4 Feather
Wajjun Bazaar Voldo the Exotic 25 Cloth
4 Steel Ingot
Cavalon Tateos   25 Cloth
4 Silk
3 Jadeite
House zu Heltzer Morbach   25 Hide
4 Silk
3 Amber
Divine Path Koumei 60 15 Platinum   50 Cloth
5 Silk
Leviathan Pits Mikolas   50 Cloth
5 Silk
10 Jadeite
Vasburg Armory Giygas   50 Hide
5 Silk
10 Amber

Image Gallery

Click on the armor name to view full information, or click on the female/male link to only view the respective gallery.

Note: The PvP Headgears uses the Prophecies Headgears art.

Prophecies Headgears

Discreet Imposing Sleek Costume Animal
Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male
Ascalon City Ascalon City Ascalon City Ascalon City Ascalon City

Factions Standard Headgears

Shing Jea Canthan Luxon Kurzick
Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male
Shing Jea Monastery Shing Jea Monastery Cavalon House zu Heltzer

Factions Elite Headgears

Canthan 15k Luxon 15k Kurzick 15k
Female Male Female Male Female Male
Divine Path Leviathan Pits Vasburg Armory

Nightfall Standard Headgears

Istani Sunspear
Female Male Female Male
Kamadan Kamadan

Nightfall Elite Headgears

Elite Sunspear Vabbian Ancient Primeval
Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male
Command Post The Kodash Bazaar Bone Palace Throne of Secrets

Eye of the North Elite Headgears

Asuran Monument Norn
Female Male Female Male Female Male
Rata Sum Eye of the North (outpost) Gunnar's Hold
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