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Mesmer Class

The Mesmer is an expert in indirect damage and subtle magic, focusing on manipulation of the target to sway the events of battle to its favor. Mesmers are considered by some to be a unique profession in many aspects, not only in terms of looks. They are a profession with a steep learning curve - to become a talented Mesmer, it is important to know not only your own skills and abilities, but those of every other profession in the game. This is perhaps why Mesmers are generally one of the least used characters in PvE. Thus, it can also be difficult for players who create PvE Mesmers to be accepted into PUGs due to a somewhat common misconception of their PvP-orientation - though GvG teams will nearly always have at least one Mesmer in their ranks. Mesmers are best suited in preventing their opponent from achieving their goals, whether it be to heal, cast spells, or attack. In order to do this they make use of a multitude of spells, hexes, and enchantments. Unlike other professions, such as Elementalists, skills within a Mesmer attribute are not always related to each other by any easily defined barriers. Because skills within an attribute can focus on many and very different goals, you will often see Mesmers utilizing all four attributes at once. The patron goddess of Mesmers is Lyssa.

A majority of the Mesmer's damage-dealing skills ignore armor, meaning that they will do equal damage to a Warrior with 80AL or to an Elementalist with 60AL.

The primary Mesmer's base armor provides 60 armor, +10 energy, and +2 energy recovery. A starting primary Mesmer begins with 30 base energy and 4 energy recovery.

The Mesmer's primary attribute is Fast Casting, which decreases the activation time of spells and signets.


Profession Combinations

see Secondary professions for a Mesmer

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