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Meresti Metro Station

connects to: Meresti Service Tunnel
world map exits: none
other exits: none
quests: Blood Ties
I Want to Drink Your Blood
cell name: MerestiMetro02
ref id: 000043A1

Hidden area access

Meresti Station is the home of The Family in Fallout 3. It is an underground train station in the Capital Wasteland's Washington D.C. Metro, but has been cut off from the rest of the tunnels. It is accessible only through the Meresti Trainyard or an underground sewer manhole in Northwest Seneca Station.

Notable Loot

  • A copy of Tumblers Today can be found on a table at the guard outpost in the Meresti Service Tunnel.
  • Mini Nuke can be found in main Meresti Family base on top of an overhang. From where Vance stands on top of the mezzanine facing the common area below, there is an escalotor on your left. Stand about half way down the escalator and you can just barely see it on top the overhang at the far end(its above the work bench). The easiest way to get it by far is to shoot it down with a sniper rifle. It will also come down with a grenade, but this is not recommended as it will go flying and can become very difficult to locate(stack boxes instead).
  • A copy of Lying, Congressional Style can be found under the box on top of the train carriage under the place Vance is usually standing, by dropping down onto it from above.
  • Vampire's Edge can be found in the locked (hard) sword cabinet in Vance's room (Vance carries the key).

Related quests

Behind the scenes

Meresti is derived from Mărăști, the name of a town (more specifically, a commune) in Romania, which is fitting considering the overall vampire theme of the events that occur in the vicinity. One of the Family, Justin, makes note of this.

The Family

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