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Mercy Graves

[[Image:|200px|center|Mercy Graves (New Earth)]]
Real Name
Mercedes Graves
Current Alias




formerly Infinity, Inc., Lex Luthor


Base Of Operations
Mobile; Lexcorp, Metropolis; White House, Washington D.C.



Marital Status

Operative, Bodyguard




Mercy was hired along with another woman named Hope to be Lex Luthor's Lexcorp employed bodyguard when he was President of the United States.

Mercy and Hope were apparently of Amazon Heritage, given they could go toe-to-toe with Superman and were familiar with the ancient sorceress Circe, even in disguise.

After Lex lost his Presidency Mercy stayed as a bodyguard while he was a fugitive from justice.


Mercy was present when Luthor presented his "Be Your Own Hero" program, in which she is brought into confrontation with Steel, when she proceeds to shoot him and he deflects the bullets back at her, injuring her right hand.

Infinity, Inc.

Mercy Joins the Infinity, Inc. team trying to make up for her past. She puts on a costume with a special mask that is even capable of keeping her identity secret from Superman and Lex Luthor, and she takes up the name "Vanilla". When she almost kills a man by beating him to death, she leaves the team realizing that its not in her to be a hero.

Powers and Abilities


Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Reflexes

Superhuman Durability

Superhuman Agility


Expert Combatant


  • Was introduced in Superman: The Animated Series and later adopted in Mainstream continuity. See also Mercy Graves (DCAU)

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High Prophet of Mercy
Biographical information
Date of birth

Unknown, before Truth and Regret

Date of death

November 3rd, 2552

Physical description

Philologist, later High Prophet


San 'Shyuum




Approx. 7'3"


Gravity Throne

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Covenant High Council

Halo! Its divine wind will rush through the stars, propelling all who are worthy along the path to salvation.

The High Prophet of Mercy is one of three Hierarchs that lead the Covenant High Council. He is by far the oldest. His birth name is Hod Rumnt.[1]



He served as the Philologist on the Forerunner Dreadnought, where he led the priests prior to his ascension to Hierarch.[2] He became the third Hierarch after the Oracle of the Dreadnought attempted to launch the Dreadnought, during which time it referred to the humans as his creators.[3] His tenure has been marked by several tense debates with Elite High Councilors over the proper dispensation of Forerunner artifacts. Mercy is considered one of the last of the old guard of the Prophets - a hard-liner who publicly questioned the wisdom of the Prophets' demilitarization at the end of the Prophet-Elite War.

Being the oldest member of the Prophet triumvirate, Mercy is well-acquainted with the Covenant's governmental systems and history. During a meeting with Thel 'Vadamee and the Prophet of Truth, he mentions a bit of Covenant history, citing the Grunt Rebellion and the Taming of the Hunters.[4]

He stayed by Truth's side after the death of the Prophet of Regret, and seemed to be more of an adviser or supporter of Truth than an equal. As the Covenant Civil War began, Mercy still supported Truth's actions, even as it seemed that Truth was unraveling the very foundations of the Covenant through his extreme actions.

He and the High Prophet of Truth were attacked by Flood Infection Forms on High Charity. As they prepared to depart for Earth with the Forerunner Dreadnought to begin the Great Journey , a single Infection Form made it past the Honor Guard Brutes, and latched onto his neck, and devoured his windpipe. Even as Tartarus attempted to save him, Truth intervened and let Mercy die, saying "The Great Journey waits for no one, brother. Not even you." Before his death, he was found by the Master Chief, who questioned where Truth was going. He answered, "Earth, to finish what was started. And this time, none of you will be left behind." The Master Chief then violently tore the infection form off Mercy's neck, killing the old Prophet instantly.


Mercy basks in the presence of Halo.
Mercy discusses the Index with 343 Guilty Spark.

Little is known about this Hierarch. However, Mercy can be seen as passionate and knowledgeable, as seen in the cutscene before the level Sacred Icon where he shows his excitement about Halo, expressing hope that the Great Journey should begin very soon. It's very possible that he has a sense of propriety, seeing that he talked Truth out of condemning Regret, as described on the level Regret, but that doesn't mean he's merciful. He is perceptible and an authority on the Forerunners and their knowledge, he can be considered the Prophet of Truth's right-hand. Without Mercy to advise him later, Truth becomes much more irrational and aggressive in Halo 3, even toward his subordinates, although it is just as likely that Truth is showing his true personality after years of cool political veiling.


  • His name is ironic, like the names of all the other Hierarchs, as he is given no mercy by Truth, and he showed no mercy neither to Humans nor to the Arbiter, whom he wanted dead. Though it should be noted that he showed mercy to the Prophet of Regret, but this could simply be seen as discrimination, considering that Thel 'Vadamee and humans are of a different species, whereas Regret and he are both San 'Shyuum.
  • He was once in charge of the surveying and weighty inspection of the centered Forerunner Dreadnought.
  • Mercy managed to become the third Prophet by being at the right place at the right time: He heard what the "Oracle" inside the Dreadnought had to say about how humans were the descendants of the Forerunners and that it had to bring them to the Ark, almost killing millions in the process, so in conclusion Truth, not wanting the information to be discovered, asked him if he would fill in the place as the third future Hierarch Regret already being the second, to which he agreed.
  • Philology is derived from the Greek terms philos (φίλος) meaning love and logos (λόγος) meaning wisdom. Philology is more accurately defined as "an affinity toward the learning of the backgrounds as well as the current usages of spoken or written methods of communication". In addition, they are also known as "lovers of wisdom".
  • Mercy is the only Hierarch that has only appeared in Halo 2. Truth appeared in Halo 3 and had a cameo in the Legendary ending of Halo 3: ODST while Regret appeared in Halo Wars.


Halopedia has a collection of quotes related to Prophet of Mercy on its quotes page.
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This article is about the hospital ship. You may be looking for the Lambda-class shuttle.
Production information
Technical specifications

>2,000 meters[3]


250 meters[3]


5000 patients[3]

Other systems

Bacta tanks (4250)[3]


Hospital ship[3]

Earliest sighting

5 ABY[3]

Latest sighting

5 ABY[4]

Present for battles/events

Lieutenant Commander Nidifer[3]

The Mercy was a medium-sized Imperial spaceship, appropriated by the Rebel Alliance while still under construction, and put in service by them as a hospital ship as of 5 ABY.[3]



The Mercy was more than two kilometers long and 250 meters across, and she could accommodate around 5000 patients, with 4250 bacta tanks—although even that was far from sufficient to meet the casualties of the Galactic Civil War. The ship was often crammed with injured and possibly dying Rebels. The ship's Ward 114 was reserved for members of Alliance Intelligence and special forces.[3]


Kyle Katarn was healed in Tank 23 located in Ward 114, after sustaining a serious injury on Nar Shaddaa. After the stay at Mercy, Kyle and Jan Ors went on to Sulon to find the map to the Valley of the Jedi.[3]

The ship was part of the fleet stationed at Milagro when a damaged Imperial-class Star Destroyer entered the system with a convoy of transports, and was defeated by the Rebel Dreadnaught New Hope.[4]

Behind the scenes

There is a possibility that Mercy may be named after a United States Navy hospital ship of the same name, USNS Mercy (T-AH-19). This has not been confirmed but it is a likely possibility given that William C. Dietz, the author of Dark Forces: Rebel Agent, served in the US Navy.

A related scene from Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight shows Kyle Katarn recuperating in an EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate, this could merely be a support vessel for the Mercy.


  • Dark Forces: Rebel Agent / audio drama
  • Dark Forces: Jedi Knight / audio drama


Notes and references

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City of Heroes

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Mercy Island

Villain City Zone (1-8)

Trainers: Arbiter Diaz, Arbiter Richard
TF Contacts: none
Events: none
Exploration Badges: Cesspool, Chum, Fortified, Snake Charmer, The Next Big Thing, Widower
Plaques: Lorekeeper I
Enemies: Arachnos, Hellions, Infected, Longbow, Rogue Island Police, Skulls, Snakes
Connecting Zones: Cap Au Diable, Port Oakes
Transits: none
Mercy Island at



Mercy Island is the first place a villain goes after escaping from the Breakout tutorial zone. As a beginner-level zone, most of the enemies are levels 1 - 6.

This is the first zone that everyone in the Rogue Isles arrives at after making their break from prison. Here they meet their first contact (Kalinda or Matthew Burke) and begin to make thier presence known to the powers that be. They begin in an area called "Fort Darwin," which also plays home to their first trainer: Arbiter Diaz. They'll likely spend their first five to six levels running missions out of here for before picking up a new contact to the south. They tangle with large numbers of snakes, breaking the back of that group (at least on Mercy Island). Later missions take them to the area to the south called "Fort Cerberus."


Image:MapIcon_Contact01.png  Kalinda
Image:MapIcon_Contact02.png  Mongoose
Image:MapIcon_Contact03.png  Seer Marino

Important Locations

Image:MapIcon_Monument.png  Monument or plaque
Image:MapIcon_ArachHQ.png  Arachnos Headquarters
Image:MapIcon_DiffAdjustor.png  The Fortunata Fateweaver who adjusts a villain's notoriety in this zone is located under the clocktower at the Darwin's Landing marker, close to the center of the zone.


  • Darwin's Landing, the large neighborhood that forms most of the northern part of the zone.
  • Fort Cerberus, the small Arachnos fort in the southeastern part of the zone. Ghost Widow's tower is located in this zone.
  • Fort Darwin, the area where a villain starts his career in the Rogue Isles and that contains Kalinda and Arbiter Diaz.
  • Mercy, the neighborhood south of the wall that, along with Darwin's Landing, forms most of the neighborhood.

Exploration Badges

Image:v_badge_TourismBadge.png Cesspool

Many would be villains have drunk their fill from the cesspool in hopes it might grant super power. Mostly they go insane.

Image:v_badge_TourismBadge.png Chum

Just when you thought it was safe...

Image:v_badge_TourismBadge.png Fortified

Arachnos built the wall around Mercy to keep it safe.

Image:v_badge_TourismBadge.png Snake Charmer

This is the main entrance to the Snakes' underground lair. You really don't want to go down there.

Image:v_badge_TourismBadge.png The Next Big Thing

This is the good life. The higher up you get, the bigger you are.

Image:v_badge_TourismBadge.png Widower

They say that lonely tower is the home of Ghost Widow, Lord Recluse's phantom servant.


  • Kalinda sells level 1 and 5 training enhancements.
  • The Quartermasters in Mercy Island sell level 5, 10, and 15 training enhancements.

Transfer Points

  • There is a ferry south of the Mercy neighborhood that takes a villain to the Port Oakes zone.
  • The Black Helicopter line, located in the Fort Cerberus neighborhood, takes villains to Cap Au Diable.
  • There is also a helicopter in the Fort Darwin zone close to Kalinda that will allow a villain to move between Mercy Island instances, if there is more than one.

Villain Groups


  • This and other City of Villains maps are available as downloadable in-game maps.
  • This map was created using graphic resources from VidiotMaps City of Heroes map Web site.

See Also

  • Map of Bloody Bay zone
  • Map of Breakout zone
  • Map of Cap Au Diable zone
  • Map of Port Oakes zone
  • Map of Sharkhead Isle zone

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