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Memoir(伝記〔研究論文〕), the latest release of booster that heavily base on one mysterious person who was under same name as this booster's name. It is an archetype of a various kind cards that can nearly depend on each other. They were used by Memoir and only Memoir herself, the main character of the story I am writing right now. There will be only 40 cards released along with unknown number of Extra Deck itself that could be only base on Memoir theme.

Play Style

Most of Memoir Cards are focus on depending to each other. Such as it was seen with "Memoir - Negative Form" and "Memoir - Positive Form", they can switch with each other for each time they attacked. And again, other part, the legendary Synchro Monsters; "Dark Memoir" and "Light Memoir" are depending on lost Memoir monsters' helps to increase or decrease the ATK of itself or oppose monsters' respective. The smallest but powerful monster; "Memoir - Element Barrier", can protect any kind of Memoir with discard itself as a cost. This group of Memoir monsters are various on Attribute, therefore make it much difficult for the element-theme deck to running with them included, therefore this deck would be on it own archetype though.


Memoir - Common Monsters

Black Tuner Memoir - Ghost Memoir - Memoir - Brute Beast - Memoir - Curse Magic - Memoir - Element Barrier - Memoir - Hollow Psychic - Memoir - Le médium Disparaît - Memoir - Unstoppable Kraft - Memoir the Memory Charmer

Memoir - Super Forms

Dark Memoir - Familiar-Possessed - Memoir - Hollow Memoir - Light Memoir - Memoir - Negative Form - Memoir - Positive Form - Twilight Memoir - Stardust Memoir - Stardust Memoir/Assault Mode

Memoir - Final Form

Memoir - Eternally Infinite

Memoir - Support Cards

Memoir Merge - Memoir's Magic - Memoir's Return - Power of Force - The Shuffle in the Deck - The Call of Memoirs

More to coming soon

This article uses material from the "Memoir" article on the YCM wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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