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A memnis (plural memnii) was an extremely vivid memory produced by Caamasi when they experienced jolting events or situations, such as witnessing the murder of a family member, meeting someone famous, the birth of a child, or another personally important event. Memnii contained emotions and physical sensations, along with other less tangible parts. Unlike normal memories, they did not fade in intensity over time.

Memnii could be transferred to others by Caamasi; this would not erase the feelings, but the Caamasi believed that sharing it with others would help alleviate the pain. In most cases, memnii could be transferred only to those related within three or four generations of separation; further than that, the ability was near impossible. That developed in a reason for why most Caamasi married between clans, to ensure that there were plenty of routes for transmission of memnii.

If a Caamasi had formed a close bond with a Jedi, he could transfer a memnis to him. This discovery was seen as a miraculous event. The Caamasi Snout was able to experience centuries of Crucible's cruelty through memnii from other Caamasi. In 3,963 BBY, on Volgax, he let the ex-jedi Zayne Carrick see Crucible's slaver history through memnii.

Following the Destruction of Caamas a "wave" of memnii spread among all of the off-world Caamasi, as they struggled to come to terms with the disaster.[1]


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