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Memento Mori is an ability from Final Fantasy XI, which Blue Mages learn at level 62. The ability gives a Magic Attack Bonus and gives one point to Intelligence.


Memento Mori is a genre of art that attempts to remind humanity of their own mortality. Memento Mori itself means "remember you will die" in Latin.

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Star Wars Fanon

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Memento Mori is a humanoid species. They are notorious for their macabre and eerie customs and traditions. The name of this nature is not strictly safeguarded, and many familiar with another term.



Most of these species have pale, almost white skin and dark rings under his eyes. There are also dark-skinned memento from southern areas. Grotesque appearance in this nation is nothing special. Most children show their birth already anti-social behavior, something to play with knives or poison drinking. In fact, "poison" in the traditional sense harmless for those figures, sweet things and loud music, and happiness is viewed as harmful. Continue to show the Memento Mori, the uncanny ability of serious injuries to overcome. Their anatomy is so arranged that they are in permanent psychological and physical harm oneself need to get refreshed and relaxed feel. Infants are often depressed and "adult" if they are to their environment are released. Pets are popular toads, snakes and tarantulas and prefer playing in dungeons, swamps and cemeteries. Disasters and severe weather are recorded as a positive sign.

Way of life and culture

The death takes a central role in their culture: symbolic artifacts such as skulls or cursed masks are in transition and Alttag exist. In addition, people like Genghis Khan or Jack the Ripper heros as they admired. Cowardice and incompetence is a natural occurrence and is rated as an excuse useless so. The best-known Memento Mori are the Addams family. Love and passion is a central core of a family. A spouse is usually completely forfeited his wife and obeys her like a slave.


The Memento Mori have their own language, arising from cackling, grummeln, chirp and babbeln composed. There is no obligation for this culture, the ancient language, but you have to understand they can. Some of them know they're still as their mother tongue.

Hereafter, death and manners

The Mori are very past-oriented and believe in predetermined fate. In the form of nachgespielten naval battles and other activities they embrace the achievements of their ancestors. Hedonism is often operated as the well-being of body and soul important, because you could die at any time (fear of death has none. It is openly spoken about him). There are very complex burial customs, that grave with a life-size, grotesque figure of the deceased decorated. Old cemeteries belong to the classical gardens of a villa and is a popular place to meditate.

This article uses material from the "Memento Mori" article on the Star Wars Fanon wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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