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Melzar the Mad is only found in the maze named after him, Melzar's Maze, which is north-west of Rimmington. He is one of the three wizards who escaped from Crandor when Elvarg destroyed it, and the only surviving person from Crandor. Melzar's Maze contains a piece of the map of Crandor for the Dragon Slayer quest. When you fight Melzar on the last and final floor, he punches or kicks (hits up to 5), casts a "half" Fire Strike (with max hit 4) or a weaken/confuse/curse spell, or performs a magic spell that produces a cabbage (which CAN be used for food) in a random spot throughout the room. Every few seconds, though, he would say something that doesn't make any sense. Melzar the Mad is one of the only four F2P monsters (excluding Revenants) that has more than one attack style. The others are the Catablepons, Cockroach soldier and Elvarg. When players defeat him, he will drop the magenta key, which leads you on to the final room in Melzar's Maze.


Descent Into Madness

Melzar's cryptic writings...

If a player takes the time to search the bookcases found within his maze, they will find random writings from Melzar which refer to Elvarg laying waste to Crandor, and the fates of those who tried to escape to Rimmington. These include writing about his attempts to summon the deceased spirits of his former allies. Although he seemed to meet with some success at first, his skills appear to have been lost to madness and cabbage. Also, if you open one of the wardrobes inside Melzar's Maze, and then search inside it, it will say something about many skulls with small numbers imprinted on their foreheads. These might be the failed experiments to animate the skeletons that now roam the third floor of the maze.

Malignius Mortifer will tell you that Melzar was driven mad by his use of necromancy, when a spell went awry. He also says that this affected his ability to raise the dead, hence the summoning of cabbages rather than undead when you fight him. This, couples with the food related quotes below, point to his magic leaning towards the kind used by the Culinaromancer.


  • "Feel the wrath of my feet!"
  • "Let me drink my tea in peace!"
  • "By the Power of Custard!"
  • "Leave me alone, I need to feed my pet rock!'


  • Melzar is a Hebrew word for waiter. This may be yet another similarity with Culinaromancer.
  • One of the subjects of the Cryptics in which he writes "All Hail Zamor Za Zaro Z ZZZ" may be a clue that he follows Zamorak, Zaros, or maybe even both, though not probably so, as most Zarosians hate Zamorakians.
  • Another Cryptic writing talks about the cabbage of Jas. This is referencing the Stone of Jas (or perhaps Brassica Prime), and the While Guthix Sleeps quest.
  • One of Melzar's quotes refers to the pet rock players trick the troll with in The Fremennik Trials. This could possibly mean Melzar has done the quest.
  • Melzar is believed to have a wife who died when Elvarg either attacked Crandor or attacked the survivor's camp.

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