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Final Fantasy IX Enemy
Japanese メルティジェミニ
Romaji Merutijemini
Location Mount Gulug
Class Demon
Steal Vaccine, Golden Hairpin, Demon's Vest
Item Dropped Vaccine
Card Dropped Tantarian
Abilities Wings, Bio, Viral Smoke, Venom Powder
Eat N/A
Status Immunity Petrify, Zombie, Stop, Float, Doom, Venom, Death, Poison, Heat, Silence, Confuse, Sleep, Freeze, Trouble, Berserk, Regen, Vanish
See also: Zorn and Thorn.

Meltigemini is a boss from Final Fantasy IX, formed when Zorn and Thorn meld into one being. Prior to this fight, Zorn and Thorn are defeated by Eiko and Madeen after they are unsuccessful in their attempt to drain the Eidolons from Eiko. Kuja states that Meltigemini is their true form. It is fought on Mount Gulug. Its Viral Smoke can cause the entire party to be Virused, which will cause the characters to not receive any Experience or AP after the battle is finished. Fire abilities and weapons are a definite plus in defeating this boss, albeit Vivi is not in the party (and therefore cannot cast Firaga). Quina can cast Bad Breath, since Meltigemini is vulnerable to Mini.

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