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Meliadoul Tengille
Sprite(s) Meliadoul's in-game sprite
Japanese メリアドール・ティンジェル
Romaji Meriadōru Tinjeru
Age 20
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Voice actor(s)
Job Class Divine Knight
Affiliation Church of Glabados, then Ramza.
Final Fantasy Tactics Character
"What is love? Mayhap it is when you care more about someone else than you do about yourself."
—Meliadoul Tengille

Meliadoul Tengille, also known as Meliadoul Tingel, is the daughter of Folmarv Tengille from Final Fantasy Tactics. She, her father Folmarv, and her brother Isilud are Knights Templar in service to the Church of Glabados. She eventually becomes a renegade, siding with Ramza upon discovering the Lucavi plot.



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Vendetta Against Ramza

"A Lucavi? So the Lucavi again walk among us, killing for their own delight? Ha! A splendid tale! But a lie less fanciful might better persuade."

Isilud was killed at Riovanes Castle when Folmarv transformed into Hashmal and went on a rampage. Not knowing of the Lucavi, Meliadoul came to believe that Ramza Beoulve, who had been labelled a heretic, had killed her brother. She set out for revenge, waiting for Ramza on the road to Zeltennia Castle.

Meliadoul confronting Ramza.

When Meliadoul confronted Ramza, Ramza tried to explain the truth to Meliadoul, but despite all the harsh treatment, Meliadoul was truly loyal to her father and could not believe what Ramza was saying to her. She attacked, bringing her powerful equipment-breaking sword moves to bear. Ramza and his friends, however, overpowered her and the force she had gathered. Meliadoul vowed she would strike at Ramza again and teleported away.

Meliadoul Learns the Truth

Ramza and Meliadoul after defeating Zalera.

Meliadoul later prepared to strike at Ramza again as the "heretic" approached Limberry Castle to deal with Marquis Elmdore.

Following Ramza into the castle, she made her way to the underground portion of the castle, where Ramza had cornered Elmdore. As she entered the room, she witnessed a horrifying sight: Elmdore pulled out the Gemini Stone and transformed into Zalera, one of the Lucavi demons.

Meliadoul began to realize what was happening and got Zalera to admit that Folmarv was also one of those possessed by Lucavi. Realizing the truth, Meliadoul helped Ramza defeat Zalera.

Meliadoul Against Folmarv

"Those sins will be atoned for. There shall be no mercy - not even for you."

Following the battle, Meliadoul joined forces with Ramza, alerting him to the fact that his brother Dycedarg Beoulve had been given the Capricorn Stone. Ramza and Meliadoul rushed to Eagrose Castle, where they fought and defeated Adrammelech, the Lucavi that possessed Dycedarg. Their next destination was Mullonde Cathedral, where they ran into Folmarv. Meliadoul confronted her father, asking if he had killed Isilud. Folmarv, surprised to see Meliadoul fighting on Ramza's side demanded to know what she was doing. She explained that she had learned of the Lucavi and that she knew Folmarv was possessed.

Folmarv proved a powerful opponent, as he had the same powerful sword moves as Meliadoul and was backed up by two other Knights Templar, Loffrey Wodring and Cletienne Duroi. Ramza and Meliadoul prevailed, however, and Folmarv was forced to summon Zalbaag Beoulve from the dead to distract Ramza long enough to escape. Meliadoul then accompanied Ramza on the final stage of his quest to stop Ultima's resurrection.

An additional battle in War of the Lions includes Meliadoul confronting Cletienne about her father. Meliadoul will fight as an ally, even if the player doesn't recruit her after the battle with Zalera.

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