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race: Super Mutant
affiliation: Second Generation Super Mutants
role: Super Mutant Leader
location: Mariposa Military Base
appearances: Fallout 2
SPECIAL: 10 ST, 8 PE, 10 EN, 3 CH, 7 IN, 8 AG, 9 LK
derived stats: Armor Class: 33
Hit Points: 120
Action Points: 9
Sequence: 16
Critical chance: 9%
Damage Resistance: 40%
tag skills: Big Guns: 95%
Energy Weapons: 87%
Unarmed: 117%
Melee Weapons: 117%

Melchior the Magnificent is super mutant who resides in the fourth level of the Mariposa Military Base facility at the time of Fallout 2, in front of a steaming pit of radioactive goo.



Melchior was kidnapped from Redding by the Enclave - as witnessed by his young son, Melchior Junior - and taken to the Mariposa Military Base where he was turned into a mutant and has since taken leadership of the second generation of super mutants.

Whether he masterminded the rebellion against the Enclave slave masters is not known, but his magician skills were almost certainly used to accumulate and hide weapons, even though as a human his were limited to pulling rats out of a hat.

Interactions with the player character

Melchior is the boss character of Mariposa Military Base. One should approach Melchior with caution as he will summon other monsters from the goo to attack. The monsters he summons are: four deathclaws, four floaters, four fire geckos, and four molerats. Melchior will summon monsters until he has four, and will summon more as soon as one of them dies.


Apparel Weapon Other item
- Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle + 50 MFC M.B. Level 4 Holodisk


Melchior appears in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenes

Melchior shares his name with one of the Biblical Magi.

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File:Melchior.gif NPC Melchior
Location: Wandering the streets in Ankrahmun
Occupation: Blind Beggar
Notes: Melchior was blinded by the djinns because of his greed. He has a great story to tell.

His story:

Melchior: While my eyes were still of use to me I worked as a trader. I was not too successful, so I started looking for alternatives. Remembering some old nomad legends I went toexplore the Kha'zeel. If only I'd never done that! ...

Melchior: After many days I met a weird creature - it was humanoid, but it was also much larger than any man, and it seemed to be only half-solid in a way. ...

Melchior: I was scared, but I remembered my grandfather's stories and I hailed the creature using the traditional djinn word of greeting. ...

Melchior: It worked. I managed to engage the djinn - for it was one sure enough - in a conversation. In fact, I even managed to come to an agreement with it. The djinns living thereneeded supplies, and I promised I would bring them some. ...

Melchior: A highly profitable business relationship ensued. Unfortunately, my greed grew every day, and it clouded my sense of judgement. ...

Melchior: Hearing that there was a second djinn fortress I travelled there. Those djinn, who called themselves the Marid, were friendly enough, and soon I traded with them as well. ...

Melchior: Unfortunately, it did not take the other djinn tribe, the Efreet, long to find out what I was up to. ...

Melchior: The Efreets' punishment was cruel: They blinded me and left me in the Kha'labal to die of thirst and exhaustion as food for the scarabs. But that was a favour I could not dothem. ...

Melchior: I desperately struggled on and finally I was picked up by a caravan. They took me here, and now I am sort of stuck here in this city of the half-dead.

See also: Melchior Transcripts
Items traded: None.
See the entire NPC list.

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