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Garth Ranzz (brother); Ayla Ranzz (sister); Imra Ardeen Ranzz (sister-in-law); Jancel Ardeen (sister-in-law); Graym Ranzz (nephew); Garridan Ranzz (nephew)


Base Of Operations


6' 3"

210 lbs (95 kg)



Unusual Features
On the planet Winath, it was the norm for parents to sire twins. Mekt however was initially born a single child - an abnormality that made him an outcast within Winathian society.


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Professional Criminal


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Lightning Lord, Mekt Ranzz of Winath, is an enemy of the Legion of Super-Heroes and a founding member of the Legion of Super-Villains. He is the older brother of two Legionnaires, both Lightning Lad and Light Lass.

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Mekt Ranzz was born the first of three children on the planet Winath. In Winathian society, it was common for parents to give birth to twins, but Mekt was born an only child - a fact that later made him an outcast in Winathian social circles. When he was still a young child, Mekt's parents gave birth to twins, Garth and Ayla. Years later, when all three were teenagers, they attended a party on an alien planet. Returning home, their shuttlecraft malfunctioned and they crashed on the planet Korbal. They discovered that their ship had run out of power and that its engines needed to be recharged. Garth Ranzz lured a herd of Lightning Beasts towards the craft hoping to use their electrical discharges to repower the ship. The animals' energy bursts struck the teens however and not the ship, imbuing all three of them with the ability to generate electricity. Mekt, Garth and Ayla used their powers to recharge the ship's engines and return home.

Following this incident, Mekt quickly withdrew from society and disappeared into the galactic underground. Garth had no idea what fate had befallen his brother, and began searching neighboring star systems in the hopes of finding him. It was on this search that Garth met Rokk Krinn and future wife Imra Ardeen shortly before the formation of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Mekt however, still scornful for not having a twin, continued to develop a more antisocial personality and this resentment ultimately led him to a life of crime. When next he resurfaced, he had alligned himself with similarly-minded individuals known as the Cosmic King and Saturn Queen. Calling himself Lightning Lord (a pastiche of his brother's code name Lightning Lad), he helped to establish the Legion of Super-Villains.

Lightning Lord and his villainous Legionnaires clashed with the Legion of Super-Heroes many times over the years, the rivalry between his brother and he growing stronger with each conflict. When Ayla Ranzz came of age and began calling herself Lightning Lass, Mekt tried unsuccessfully on numerous occasions to seduce her into a criminal lifestyle. Mekt's mental instability not withstanding, he actually cared very deeply for his sister, and only tried to corrupt her so that he could be closer to her.

Powers and Abilities



  • Energy Absorption: Lightning Lord can absorb electrical energy into his body and rechannel it for offensive purposes. His body functions as a natural insulator, and he cannot be harmed from the effects of his own powers.
  • Energy Projection: Lightning Lord can generate and control fields of electrical energy. He can channel this energy through his hands and project it as a super-heated discharge with properties similar to that of lightning. Unlike true lightning, Mekt can manipulate these electric discharges in non-terrestrial environments such as outer space. Although the speed and voltage of his electric discharges has never been measured, it can be assumed that their affects are similar to that of a bolt of lightning. A bolt of lightning can travel at a speed of 100000 mph (160934 km/h), and can reach temperatures approaching 28000 °C (60000 °F), hot enough to fuse soil or sand into glass channels. [1]
  • Flight: At some point Lightning Lord developed the ability to fly. The means by which this is accomplished is unknown as flight is not one of his natural abilities, nor does he possess a Legion Flight Ring.


  • Electronics: Lightning Lord possesses a working knowledge of devices such as, semiconductors, resistors, inductors, capacitors, nano-structures, and vacuum tubes.
  • Leadership: Lightning Lord has developed strong leadership capabilities and can command the respect and obedience of others.

    Strength level

Average: Lightning Lord possesses the strength level of a man his age, size and weight who engages in moderate regular exercise.


Lightning Lord's mental instability and obsession with his family often affects his judgment.

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