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Real Name
Meggan Braddock
Current Alias

Goblin Princess, Tapestry, "Gloriana", Meggan Puceanu[1]



Former member of Excalibur, former pawn of N'Astirh

William (father), unnamed mother, Brian Braddock (aka Captain Britain, husband), Betsy Braddock (aka Psylocke, sister-in-law), Jamie Braddock (brother-in-law), Sir James Braddock (father-in-law, deceased), Lady Elizabeth Braddock (mother-in-law, deceased)


Base Of Operations


5' 7" Usually, 5'10" in true form (variable)

120 lbs (55 kg) Usually, 130 lbs. in true form (variable)



Unusual Features
Pointed ears; hair purple as Goblin Princess; eyes white with no pupils in her true form.


Marital Status

Queen of Otherworld, adventurer


Place of Birth

First appearance




Meggan is the daughter of travelers. As a young child, Meggan was thought to be a wolf girl. However, she had simply grown fur because she was cold. As rumors escalated amongst the other travelers as to the monstrous child in William's caravan, Meggan subconsciously began to manifest the attributes they speculated she had, such as fangs and batwings. Because of this, her parents kept her isolated, allowed to venture out only at night, with only television during the day as a link to the outside world.

However, the reality warping mutant Mad Jim Jaspers altered Britain. All superpowered beings were locked into camps; the travelers' caravans were raided, and both Meggan and William were taken. Placed in a concentration camp, Meggan was separated from her family. She hoped Captain Britain would save her. Jaspers was defeated and reality corrected itself for the most part, but though her memories of her imprisonment were hazy, Meggan was still aware that things had changed.

She stayed in an derelict warehouse where she was befriended by Josie and Mickey Scott, two teenagers from a nearby council estate. The full moon would affect Meggan, making the kids think she was some type of werebeast. Running into Captain Britain in this form, they battled, but during the fight Mickey was accidentally killed by falling debris. Meggan fled in anguish. About a week later, after Mickey's funeral, Captain Britain visited the Scott family to apologize for his part in Mickey's death. While he was there, Meggan, who had been watching the family from a distance, also struck up the courage to do the same. Taking pity on her, Brian offered Meggan to be his houseguest at Braddock Manor.

When they arrived, Betsy Braddock's friend Alison Double sensed that Meggan was "beautiful and radiant". However, Meggan said she had always been in her monstrous form, and did not realize at the time she could alter it.

However, when dealing with the Warpies, Meggan transformed herself while battling the Cherubim Whirlwind, turning into a tall blonde woman that matched Brian's idea of beauty. Brian fell for her, and the two adventured around the world while the Manor was filled with Warpies under the care of Betsy.

Meggan began to improve her control of her powers by mimicking animals she saw. In Russia the witch Baba Yaga attacked them, but Meggan used the power of nature and magic to defeat her. Returning to the U.K. after a time-traveling trip to Incan Peru, Brian and Meggan bought a lighthouse with Incan gold to settle down in.

When the X-Men were believed to have perished in Dallas, Meggan contacted Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, and Rachel Summers to join her and Brian. They soon formed Excalibur.

Constantly subconsciously modifying her form and behavior to match the empathic needs of those around her, Meggan still wondered which form was the 'real' Meggan. During Inferno, Meggan was overcome by the demonic influences and altered herself into a demonlike form, calling herself the Goblin Princess. She attacked Brian, angry that he was seeing Courtney Ross, but was disrupted by Shadowcat and the Soulsword.

Meggan was also very close to Nightcrawler, to the point where Brian became jealous and attacked him.

Meggan and Brian destroyed the Lighthouse to ensure their freedom from Merlyn (and secretly due to a subliminal suggestion by Roma.)

Brian was briefly controlled by Sat-Yr-9, but broke free when she tried to make him attack Meggan. Brian became obsessed with stopping Sat-Yr-9, to the point where he ignored everyone else. Nightcrawler drew Brian's attention to his neglected relationship, and Brian took Meggan on holiday.

Brian proposed to Meggan and she accepted. However, Brian soon lost control of his powers. Meggan admitted that she could see the power in Brian and that was part of why she felt for him. Meggan then asked him if he would have ever loved her if she had not assumed her blonde form. The two eventually agreed it was more than just looks that they were interested in.

While Brian was trapped in the timestream, Meggan went into a catatonic state. However, she had somehow made contact with Brian, anchoring him to the reality, and knew Rachel's being a time anomaly could help him somehow. She forced Rachel to help, turning into a feral state. Rachel replaced Brian in the timestream. All of this pushed Meggan's powers past their limits, and she began to display more power. Moira MacTaggert performed tests after Meggan suddenly manipulated lava. The test showed that she was now able to affect the forces of nature.

Meggan began to have a romance with Colossus while Brian was dealing with the temporary loss of his powers, but upon his return the two married. They traveled to Otherworld to rule it in Roma's stead. While acting as rulers, they empowered Kelsey Leigh.

The Scarlet Witch's altering of Earth-616 reality into the House of M caused a backlash of effects that threatened to destroy other universes. Meggan and Brian helped Roma against the suddenly returning Mad Jim Jaspers while Jamie Braddock destroyed a device of Saturnyne's that would have destroyed all of 616 and the House of M.

Brian and Meggan were given 48 hours by Roma and Saturnyne to try and find the gap in reality before the energies flowed through. Upon arriving, they were briefly altered into being the royalty of Britain along with Psylocke and Rachel Summers, and helped Nocturne escape some of the House's forces.

Meggan seemingly sacrificed herself in order to deflect a large amount of the chaotic energy so that the others could seal the gap. When Brian was later trapped in an illusion created by the demonic entity Plokta, he was confronted with several figures from his past, including Meggan. Believing her an illusion, he escaped the illusion with the help of Alistaire Stuart, leaving her trapped in an unknown demonic realm.

Powers and Abilities



Meggan is an empath, a metamorph, and an elemental.

Empathy: A telepathic talent which enables her to sense the emotions and feelings of all living creatures (from people, to animals, to plants) and can broadcast her own feelings to influence other people's emotions.

  • Natural Perception: Ability to “See” and “hear” natural/biological patterns of forces in the world around her. This power links with her natural/biological patterns of forces in the world around her. This power links with her empathy/shapeshifting. She can sense electromagnetic forces, air and convention currents, chemical reactions and even detect “visibly” telepathic communications. She can see and sometimes talk to ghosts.

Empathic Metamorph: A shapeshifter who can assume the form of any living creature, even those who only exist in legends (once she became a Godzilla-like dragon and actually breathed fire, and another occasion she became a werewolf that looked like fellow X-Man Wolfsbane, and had all of a wolf's natural abilities). Meggan can assume the form of other people as well. Thanks to her empathy, Meggan's body will actually change in response to the emotions around her, becoming beautiful when she feels loved, or hideous when she feels fear or anger. Her elemental powers also cause Meggan to change in response to her surroundings, growing fur in extreme cold, or gills when she is submerged underwater.

  • Power Duplication: If she takes on the appearance of another mutant, she also gains their mutant powers.

Elementalist: In her true form, she can manipulate, absorb or release elemental energy, this includes earth, fire, water, air and even ether(energy). Thanks to Meggan's empathy, she has a psionic link to the natural forces of the Earth. By "speaking" to the elements, Meggan can command the environment around her, and her emotional state can affect the local ecosystems. She can extinguish forest fires with a thought, summon gale force winds or part the waters of a lake with wave of her hand, cause earthquakes in a flash of anger. Meggan has even been observed causing electromagnetic pulses by commanding the magnetic fields around her, freezing opponents by rapidly dropping the air temperature around them, or increasing the powers of elemental mutants (such as increasing the temperature of Peter Wisdom's heat blasts). Meggan has used her elemental powers to affect man-made objects, such as actually making the atoms in a building's roof move apart, creating a hole in the roof that resealed itself (without a trace of ever having a hole) once Meggan passed though (which suggests that Meggan's elemental powers may have a psychokinetic quality). Meggan can focus the elemental energies around her into devastating energy blasts. When she absorbs power she begins to glow.

  • Earth Energy Absorption: Ability to draw energy from the earth. Can use this power to augment her abilities to shape change, generate bio-blasts or fly.
  • Flight: Ability to propel herself through the air by force of will.
  • Environmental Immunity: Can adapt to her physical environment, becoming impervious to cold without changing shape to adapt.

Magical Energy Manipulation: In her true form, she can manipulate magical energy, i.e. deflecting spells.

Magical Affinity: Her powers grow more fluid and manageable and stronger while in magical realms.

Strength level

Variable, at least normal female with intensive regular exercise. Normally she can roughly press 50 tons or more.


Meggan's mind does not have the same level of psychic 'blocks' that most humans and especially beings with psionic power do. This can make her impulsive; often acting on the present with little concern for the past or future.



Flight under her own power.


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  1. Captain Britain and MI-13 Annual #1

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