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The name or term Megatron refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Megatron (disambiguation).
Megatron is the nice leader of the heroic Decepticons in the Shattered Glass continuity.
In the mirrorverse, math isn't evil.

Megatron was a young mathematician who lectured at a university on Cybertron. However, he noticed a disturbing trend in the numbers: civil war was certain! His colleagues just called him crazy and laughed it off, but when the maniacal Optimus Prime and his evil army of Autobots took over Cybertron, Megatron had been waiting in the underground, forming a resistance movement to take back Cybertron and keep the Autobots from conquering the universe and plundering it, as they had done to Cybertron.

Peace will come for all Cybertronians.

—Megatron's profile card quote





See? So friendly.

There were those who opposed the tyranny of Optimus Prime's merciless Autobots, but they were scattered. But there would come a leader, and Megatron emerged from the city of Polyhex to unite them. After retaking some of Cybertron, Megatron pushed the odds in his favor by inventing the art of transformation and renaming his forces "Decepticons." However, Optimus Prime was able to duplicate this technology, and intended to use it to conquer other worlds.

As Optimus Prime built his Ark for this purpose, Megatron and his inner circle planned to derail Prime's attempts at expansion. During a critical moment, the body of what appeared to be one of Optimus Prime's former lieutenants, Cliffjumper, was discovered by them and brought into their Polyhex stronghold. It was discovered that Cliffjumper had travelled from another universe which mirrored darkly their own. After some misgivings, Cliffjumper agreed to aid them in their assault on the Ark and lent the technology from his glass gas towards the cause. On the battlefield, Prime was enraged that Cliffjumper had doublecrossed him, and Megatron took the shot that was meant for the strange traveler. Cliffjumper was finally convinced of where he stood and backed Megatron whole-heartedly, and after destroying the Ark and its launching platform, Megatron critically wounded Prime and called his forces into retreat. Shattered Glass


Apparently, he carries around a mini Megazarak on his arm.

Botcon 2008

  • Megatron & Rodimus (Convention Souvenir 3-Pack, 2008)
    • Accessories: Tank-cannon, missile, sword-blade
Megatron is a redeco and retool of Ultra-class Energon Megatron, with a more heroic color scheme and a new head mold based on an early character model for Generation One Megatron (see below). He comes with Rodimus and Rampage as a bagged set, limited to 1100 pieces.
Megatron transforms into a silver and black Cybertronic jet with red accents and blue translucents. Included is a small tank (which is originally a representation of Armada Megatron's tank form, and sort-of a homage of Megazarak.), which can plug onto the top of the vehicle mode and can also fire missiles out of its spring-loaded main gun. Hyper Mode can be activated by tugging his transparent wing tips outward, which extends the blue sections, raises the upper gray parts of his wings in an "X-wing" configuration, and deploys the red weapons underneath. In robot mode, the small tank accessory can be attached to either of his arms as a cannon, or it can be flipped around and have a sword attached to the rear of its turret. Like most convention exclusives, the electronics from this accessory have been stripped out to keep costs down.


It's tough to homage anything older.
  • Megatron's head design is based on the early G1 Megatron character model seen in the first Transformers commercial, early issues of the Marvel Comics, and Megatron's Marvel Transformers Universe profile. Likewise, the helmet colors are derived from the Marvel Comics as well, featuring a black helmet on a silver face. The head was designed by Dan Khanna.
  • Megatron using math to predict future trends is based on psychohistory from Isaac Asimov's Foundation series of novels, [1] but if we wanted to be cynical about it, we'd probably point out that it's more likely inspired by its recent importance in Marvel's Fantastic Four Civil War crossover.

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