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Full of cymbal-ism.

Having had the Autobots exiled from Earth, Megatron reveals the Decepticons' true intentions.

Japanese title: "Megatron's Plan to Conquer Earth - Part 2"


Detailed synopsis

The episode recaps with Victor Caroli going over a recap of the events of Part 1. Onto the start.

Wait, something's WRONG here...

The episode begins with a marching band parading through the streets of Central City. Berger announces that today is Decepticon Day. Sparkplug and Chip immensely dislike the event. Chip says that it's too late now for Spike to be searching for evidence to prove the Autobots are innocent.

Back in a tape room, Spike finishes watching another tape showing the Decepticons as the real culprits. He's about to leave when he meets Ravage. During a brief fight, in which Ravage slams into a TV screen, gets fried, smacked with an office chair, and then finally gets buried under a shelf of video tapes (poor kitty), Spike makes his escape.

At a nearby high school disco, Soundwave and his cassettes make an appearance. We see Rumble dancing as well, as Ravage gets petted by some school girls, and Laserbeak giving a real evil glare to a kid who's offering him a cracker (probably wants to eat the kid).

In deep space, Cosmos is leading the rocket ship through space. Inside, Ironhide and Cliffjumper persuade Prime to turn round and head back to Earth. After the ship doesn't respond to Cliffjumper's computing, Hound uses his shoulder scanner to pinpoint their destination...The SUN!. Cosmos is unable to link up with Teletraan I as the rocket starts to overheat...along with the Autobots inside. Cosmos comes aboard and starts working at the computer, but to no avail.

"Not now, Ironhide."

Inside the Decepticon base, Megatron looks on with glee as he watches the Autobots and their ship collide with the sun and explode. They then leave for a press conference.

Spike is with the mayor in his office and he shows the Mayor the tapes he's found. The Mayor can't bring back the Autobots, but now armed with the right evidence, he and Spike start a campaign to clear the Autobots' names.

At the press conference, Megatron reveals that he plans to conquer the planet and suck it dry of energy. He is now the marshal of Central City, newly christened as Megatronia 1, and everyone will be made slaves to obtain energy for the Decepticons. On a nearby screen, we see the Coneheads running amok through Central City. Spike learns of the Autobots' destruction and escapes, but the tape of evidence is destroyed. Berger saves Spike from getting killed by Laserbeak, but their escape is short lived as they're all captured by Megatron.

Back in space, the Autobots have been saved by Trailbreaker's force field. They're attached to Cosmos, who is still heading towards the sun, since his actions are controlled by Teletraan I.

It's hard being an opportunistic jerk!

Back on earth, things are grim. All the humans have been enslaved by the Decepticons and they're being forced to mine energy from every available source. Berger got his reward...he too is cuffed and made to work in a power plant. One night, Chip breaks out of the power plant and sneaks onboard a nearby truck. He heads for the Autobot base and works at Teletraan I. He finds out that the Autobot rocket was destroyed. He's about to find out more when Thrust breaks into the base. Thrust destroys Teletraan I and takes Chip back to the plant.

Cosmos then realises he's got control back and turns around. Back on Earth, an Air Force rescue attempt is easily thwarted by the Seekers and Blitzwing. Megatron has the humans cornered when the Autobots arrive. Optimus Prime assembles the entire '84 and '85 line to combat the Decepticons and they win, heavily damaging many, including the Insecticons and Constructicons. The Decepticons retreat because they've lost the advantage

"Nothing has changed between us, right Prime?"
"I said not now, Ironhide."

The Mayor pardons the Autobots, while Berger is taken by the authorities to face justice. With the Decepticons defeated, the Autobots transform and roll for home.


Original airdate: October 15, 1985

Written by: Donald F. Glut


Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others


  • Berger's army (1)
  • Shawn Berger (2)
  • Kid (in Megatron costume) (13)
  • Teenager at Decepticon-hosted discotheque (21)
  • Mayor of Central City (44)
  • Justin (45)
  • Justin's mother (46)
  • Justin's father (47)
  • Reporter (48)
  • Angry audience member No. 1 (49)
  • Angry audience member No. 2 (50)
  • Private guard No. 3 (51)
  • Private guard No. 4 (52)
  • Truck driver (54)
  • Jet fighter pilots (60)

Notable quotes

"Hey, get down with it, Soundwave."

Rumble apparently likes dancing with human girls.

"Uh, Laserbeak wanna cracker?"

Male human teen who suspects Laserbeak wants to eat him.

Ironhide: "Are we going anywhere, Cosmos, or is this a tour of the stars?"
Hound: "Lay off him, Ironhide. He didn't cause our problems."
Ironhide: "You're right! Maybe we oughta take it out on the one who got us into this mess!"
Optimus Prime: "I did what was necessary."

— Only Ironhide could get away with taking a shot at Prime like that.

"This evidence is conclusive, Spike. How could we be so stupid?"

The Mayor stating what every fan was thinking

"Berger, you filthy swine!"

Human reporter after learning that Shawn Berger betrayed Humanity to the Decepticons.

"Mister, uh, Megatron, now that the Autobots are gone, what are your plans here on Earth?"
"I'm glad you asked... Earth germ!"
"Huh? What did he say?!"
"My plan is to conquer this mudball of a planet and suck it dry of energy! This city is under martial law...and I am the marshal!"

Megatron reveals his true plans to the human reporters at his press conference on Decepticon Day... and makes a funny.

"It is over. I saw the Autobot ship, like a silver bullet, streaking toward the Sun, and it collided—collided with destiny! I saw the end. They died in a cosmic funeral pyre!"

—Unusually melodramatic and eloqent Shawn Berger, destroying all hope

"Let us teach them a lesson in sorrow!"

Dirge as he and the Coneheads terrorize Central City during the Decepticon-imposed martial law.
"Increase efficiency, OR BE TERMINATED!!"
- Soundwave making sure the humans are working to their potential.

"Megatron! Immobilized human escapes!"

Soundwave as Chip Chase flees the Decepticon slave labor camp

"You...pile of reject parts, I'll—"
"Reject parts? BWAHAHAHAHHAHA!"

Chip Chase as Thrust destroys Teletraan I and, perhaps, mocks the handicapped.

"Starscream, go and—"
"I anticipated your order, Megatron."

Megatron and Starscream, getting along...for once

"You are going to face justice, and may it be kinder to you than it was to us."

Optimus Prime, deciding not to have Berger taken on a collision course with the Sun


"Quoth the raven, what a shine!"
  • When the Decepticon jets fly off to face the human resistance fighter, as Thundercracker passes the camera, his silver coloured parts have an almost heroic, shiny gleam to them, which is unusual given he is a villain in this story.

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • When Spike is re-reviewing the tapes, Starscream and the gang are shown unmasking in the city instead of the desert.
  • At the end of the episode, we see two Ironhides. (One is actually Ratchet miscoloured as Ironhide. You can tell this because of the lights on his roof.)
  • The panning shots of the various Autobots firing on the Decepticons is repeated several times.
  • Starscream's optics are mis-colored blue while firing his null-ray finger.
  • During the dance, Spike is dancing with a girl when he should be with Ravage.
  • When Chip calls up information about Cosmos on Teletraan-1, the readout misspells his name as "Cosms".

Continuity errors

  • Spike and Ravage spend an inordinate amount of time in the tape room and suffer from some form of severe, though temporary dementia. In Part 1, Spike enters the room during the Autobots' trial, finds the evidence, and is discovered by Ravage. A significant time later, by Part 2, with the trial completed, the Autobots off world and Decepticon Day in full swing, the two of them have forgotten all about it and repeat the experience.

Transformer references

  • First onscreen appearances of Cosmos and Astrotrain.

Miscellaneous trivia

"Good work, Trailbreaker."
"Prime...kill tired..."
  • Though he single-handedly saves the Autobots on his own initiative, Trailbreaker gets no lines in the episode, and barely even appears except as a Jesus-like silhouette at the center of his force field.
  • Starscream fires the null-ray from his finger.
  • As is made evident by the shooting script for this episode, a large portion of this episode was actually added in at a later stage to bring the episode up to the required length - namely, Cosmos's inability to alter his flight path, Chip's escape and Thrust's blasting of Teletraan I.
  • When released as a video in the UK, both episodes were compiled as a 45-minute "movie" instead being treated as a two-part episode.
  • Judging by the girls surrounding him at the club, Soundwave is popular with the ladies. Trust women to be attracted to something large, cold and mechanical.


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