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Megaton Armory

inside: Megaton
cell name: MegatonTheArmory
ref id: 00003A2B

Behind a very hard locked door is the Megaton Armory, home to all of Megaton's spare ammunition and the computer terminal used to control both the trusty Deputy Weld, a protectron guarding the front gate, and the Mister Gutsy robot named Deputy Steel, he himself guarding the Armory.




  • Sheriff Lucas Simms has Lucas Simms' House Key, which you can pickpocket from him to open the armory. If anybody sees you entering the Armory, the whole town's population will turn hostile. A safer way to obtain the key is to allow Simms to die during the quest The Power of the Atom, then loot his body.
  • Deputy Steel (Mister Gutsy model) will attack you upon entering. If you do not deactivate him by hacking the terminal nearby (Requires 75 Science skill), destroy him before he has chances to exit the place and alert others, or he leaves the armory while attacking you, the whole town's population will turn hostile.
  • Hacking the terminal to disable Deputy Steel is a temporary solution, as he will back on guard a few days later.
  • If you destroy Deputy Weld (the protectron outside of Megaton) Deputy Steel will take his place, removing him from the armory. (It seems that in the newer versions of the game (i.e. Game of the Year Edition) this option is not possible, Deputy Steel keeps his place in the Armory and no one moves into Deputy Weld's position outside Megaton.(Confirmed on Xbox 360)

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