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Megaton's front gate.
map marker: Megaton
buildings: Billy Creel's House
Church of the Children of Atom
Common House
Jericho's House
Lucas Simms' House
Lucy West's House
Megaton Armory
Men's Restroom
Mister Burke's House
My Megaton House
Nathan and Manya's House
Water Processing Plant
Women's Restroom
leaders: Lucas Simms
doctors: Doc Church
merchants: Craterside Supply
Moriarty's Saloon (drinks)
The Brass Lantern (food)
quests: Following in His Footsteps
The Power of the Atom
The Wasteland Survival Guide
Blood Ties
Church Donations
Walter's Scrap Metal
Leo's Drug Habit
cell name: MegatonTown
ref id: 000010EC

Aerial view and guide over Megaton

Megaton is a sprawling settlement set in a crater and surrounded by impenetrable walls. It is one of the two largest settlements in the Capital Wasteland, with 28 named inhabitants and several Megaton Settlers, rivaling only Rivet City in sheer size of population.

Megaton will often be the first populated town the player encounters after leaving Vault 101. Its proximity to Vault 101, its distinctive silhouette, and the relatively straight route make it extremely difficult to miss, and it will very likely be the first trace of civilization the Lone Wanderer encounters.



Megaton was built by a large group of people who originally planned to seek shelter in Vault 101 but were denied access. Without shelter, they sought refuge in a large crater made by aircraft dropping from the skies due to the bombs. The settlers constructed a place to call home from pieces of metal/aircraft found nearby at a air station. They were aided by the Children of the Atom, who worshiped the undetonated bomb in the crater they were building around which is why the bomb still stands there today, because the followers of the Children of the Atom helped build Megaton, they do not allow the other settlers in Megaton to move the bomb. The settlements name comes from the undetonated bomb sitting in the center.


First contact with Vault 101

In February 2241, an expedition party sent by the Overseer of Vault 101 contacted the residents of Megaton. Initially, the residents were cautious with these strangers before they eventually accepted and welcomed them into the settlement. Two Vault residents, Agnes and Lewis, were appointed as Vault ambassadors to Megaton by the expedition leader Anne Palmer. A record of this expedition was archived in the Overseer's terminal.

Boppo's raid

In 2277, a gang of Raiders established a base camp at Springvale Elementary School, with the purpose of mining their way into Vault 101. Some of these gang members, led by Boppo attempted a raid into Megaton. The attack ran afoul of Megaton's defenses and her determined defenders. The town's sheriff, Lucas Simms, killed the leader of the raiding party.


Megaton is roughly circular, with a central plaza around an atomic bomb resting in a puddle of radioactive water. Starting in the north and proceeding clockwise, the plaza is ringed by The Brass Lantern, Mister Burke's House, Children of Atom, and Megaton Clinic. Pathways lead from the plaza to the gate of Megaton, Craterside Supply and the Common House. A major attraction of the plaza are the sermons of Confessor Cromwell.

Around the central buildings, a ring of buildings is built higher up in the crater. The Water Processing Plant and Moriarty's Saloon can be found here along with most of the inhabitants' private houses.

The left side of town is mostly residential, whereas the right side is mostly commercial.

Outside of the city there is a Hollowed-Out Rock.



Notable loot

Related quests


  • If you have very good karma, a Megaton Settler (always a young African-American woman) will approach you each day you are in Megaton (after around 8am) and give you a random item or some bottlecaps, stating something like, "I wish there were more people like you in the world." The gift can range from ammo (around 10 to 20 of any standard type) to medical supplies (Stimpaks, Rad-X, etc.) to most types of packaged food. She will sprint from wherever she happens to be in town to reach you; occasionally this action may not be triggered, but talking to her will produce the appropriate dialog.
  • After Broken Steel has been downloaded, some Megaton Settlers will try to take the Aqua Pura from the Brotherhood of Steel escorted scavenger in front of the town. The Brotherhood escorts will fight back, and in the ensuing fight the settlers, Deputy Weld, and Stockholm will all likely be killed. They will then say that the settlers attacked first, comment that the mission was all normal, and then continue on their way. If the settlers manage to defeat the Brotherhood entourage (an almost impossible outcome without player intervention), each of them will take a bottle of Aqua Pura from the corpse of the Brahmin caravan. Weld may respawn after the attack. Passing a speech check with one of the BoS caravan guards will give the settlers the water, at the expense of Big Town's ration, thereby preventing the shootout. Alternatively, a speech check can be used with the settlers to convince them to back off, preventing the shootout and allowing the caravan to be on its way.
  • If you go in for the first time wearing a Vault 101 Jumpsuit, Lucas and the other named settlers will comment on it during the initial greeting.
  • Megaton may be occasionally attacked by two Raiders when you exit the settlement or approach it. Deputy Weld will easily dispatch them.
  • If you look up during Megaton's daytime you will see a flock of birds circling the settlement.


Megaton only appears in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

  • The bomb in the center of the town and the people worshiping it are likely a reference to Beneath The Planet of the Apes, which features a cult worshiping an undetonated nuclear weapon after the modern world has been destroyed.

Japanese version

In the Japanese version of Fallout 3, the quest to blow up Megaton has been completely removed due to its "parallels to real historic events" quotes Official Xbox Magazine[1]. They are referring to the atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.


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 English: Megaton
Abilities: Flatten
Nose Breath Hurricane
Level: Level 5 ★★★★★
Card Appearance(s):
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Yu-Gi-Oh! (Toei): Present
Yu-Gi-Oh!: Present
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CM Abilities Flatten  +, and Nose Breath Hurricane  +
Card Image Megaton-CapMon-EN-Manga.png  +
Class 1 AniManEx  +
Class 2 Anime  +
Class 3 Manga  +
English Name Megaton  +
Level 5  +
Medium Yu-Gi-Oh! first series anime  +, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga  +

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