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The Mega Phoenix is an item that appears in several games in the series. Similar to the Phoenix Down, it revives all fallen allies.



Final Fantasy VIII

Mega Phoenix
Effect Revives all KO'ed party members
Location Esthar Shop (only with Familiar)
Find Balamb Garden - Galbadia Attack (SeeD in Library, with Zell in party)
Steal from Seifer (2nd round)
Won from N/A
Refine From 50 Phoenix Down into 1 Mega Phoenix (Med LV Up)
Cost 15000

Mega Phoenixs can also be refined to make Phoenix Pinions.


Final Fantasy X

Mega Phoenix
Effect Revives all KO'ed party members to full HP (capped at 9999 HP).
Buy in N/A
Find in Djose Temple
Steal from Dark Ifrit
Won from Extractor, YAT-99, Mech Hunter, Mech Defender, YAT-97
Bribe Alcyone, Ghost
Other Rikku's Mix Overdrive, Blitzball - League Prize - 2nd Place, Unlock Pteryx (x99)
Cost N/A

It is also a Mix result by mixing Phoenix Down with various items.

Final Fantasy X-2

Again a valuable rare item, Mega Phoenixes will become available for free from the Alchemist Dressphere via the Stash skillset. However, unlike in Final Fantasy X, a Mega Phoenix will not restore all revived characters to full health. Instead, it puts them in critical health (admittedly useful with Cat Nip). It can also be used through the Mix ability.

Mega Phoenix
Effect Revives all KO'ed allies into Critical HP.
Buy in N/A
Find in Mt. Gagazet Shrine (Chapter 1), Zanarkand (Chapter 1 - Dome Interior), Calm Lands (Chapter 3 - Central; Gourge Bottom x2; Chapter 5 - North x2, Gourge Bottom x2, Ruin Depths x2), Besaid (Chapter 5 - Trials x2), Mi'ihen Highroad (Chapter 5 - Fiend Colony x2), Bikanel (Chapter 5 - Cactuar Hollow), Farplane (Farplane Heart x2)
Steal from Elma (Rare), Left & Right Redoubt (Rare)
Won from N/A
Bribe From Blackguard, Ruffian
Other Alchemist normal & Mix ability
Cost N/A

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