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Bahamut attacks with Mega Flare in Final Fantasy IV.

Mega Flare (メガフレア Megafurea), also known as Sun Flare and Megaflare, is a recurring attack in the Final Fantasy series. It is normally a very damaging move used by the summon Bahamut. It is an upgraded version of the spell Flare, and deals heavy non-elemental magic damage to all targets.




Final Fantasy III

While an Evoker, Sage, and Summoner can all summon Bahamut, only the Summoner and Sage can prompt the Dragon King to unleash the Mega Flare attack. The Sage does not have this ability in the DS version.

During the Bahamut battle, Bahamut may use the Mega Flare ability.

Final Fantasy IV

Brachioraidos, a Superboss, borrows a page from Bahamut by using a countdown Mega Flare attack. The dragons Dark Bahamut and Lunar Bahamut, as well as the normal Bahamut also cast the spell. The spell power of Mega Flare tends to be so high that casting Reflect or being at an insanely high level, are the only ways to survive. In the Nintendo DS version, guarding and/or the Phoenix Augment work as well.

In the original North American Super NES release, it was renamed Meganuke, as the normal Flare spell was renamed Nuke.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Now known as Megaflare, it is still Bahamut's signature attack as a Summon and as an enemy.

Final Fantasy V

The boss Twintania is fond of retaliating with Mega Flare after being struck with a magical attack. The party can also Catch the Prototype to use Mega Flare. The superboss Enuo can use Giga Flare.

As expected, Bahamut uses this ability as his summon attack. Mega Flare can also be used by Bahamut when fought upon North Mountain.

Final Fantasy VI

Bahamut casts Mega Flare when summoned, originally translated as Sun Flare. Setzer can also call Bahamut to use Mega Flare by getting three Dragons on his Slots.

Final Fantasy VII

The Bahamut summon uses this attack. Its alternate versions, Neo Bahamut and Bahamut ZERO use upgraded versions named Giga Flare and Tera Flare respectively.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

The Bahamut summon uses Mega Flare, and during the battles against Bahamut, the dragon may use Mega Flare. Exa Flare is a stronger version of Mega Flare sported by Bahamut Fury. Exa Flare is similar to Bahamut ZERO's Tera Flare due to the cosmic scale of both their attacks and similarities in the execution of them. As with Bahamut, when battling Bahamut Fury, he will use Exa Flare, being particularly deadly to the player at this point in the game.

Final Fantasy VIII

Dark Flare, an upgraded version of Bahamut's Mega Flare, is used by the boss Tiamat who in itself resembles Bahamut greatly. Bahamut can use Mega Flare during the battle against it.

Final Fantasy IX

Mega Flare is the summon attack of Bahamut. It inflicts heavy non-elemental damage to all enemies, and is powered up the more Garnets the player has in possession.

Final Fantasy X

The Aeon Bahamut's Overdrive is Mega Flare. Mega Flare is also used by the bosses Spathi, Belgemine's Bahamut and Dark Bahamut.

Final Fantasy X-2

During the battle with Bahamut, Bahamut will Mega Flare after a countdown. Though the attack is far weaker than when used in Final Fantasy X, taking off only a few hundred HP off of all party members.

Final Fantasy XI

Bahamut uses Mega Flare during the battle with him (Storms of Fate) at every 10% health, and when he is down to the last 10% he uses Giga Flare. In the subsequent Wyrmking Descends encounter, he uses Giga Flare much sooner, and at very low health he uses Tera Flare, which can easily destroy any players caught in the blast.

Final Fantasy XII

During the final battle with Vayne Solidor, The Undying form will use several attacks in reference to Bahamut. These are Megaflare, Gigaflare Sword, and Teraflare, all attacks used by Bahamut as a Summon in some point in the series.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

One of Bahamut's abilities that it can use when summoned is Mega Flare which deals heavy non-elemental damage to all enemies in range.

Final Fantasy XIII

In Final Fantasy XIII, Mega Flare appears as Bahamut's Gestalt Mode finisher move.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

The Dark King uses Mega-Flare as one of his strongest attacks, the other being Mega-White.

Chocobo Racing

Bahamut's special attack is called MEGAFLARE.


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