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The Mega-Potion is a curative item in many of the Final Fantasy games. An upgrade of the original Potion, this restores a high amount of HP to all active party members. They are often quite rare, and it is often wise for the player to save these.



Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

Mega-Potions restore an amount of 2,000 HP.


Final Fantasy VIII

Effect Restores 1,000 HP to all characters in the active party.
Location Esthar Shop!!! (only with Familiar)
Found in Balamb Garden - Galbadia Attack (Collapsed man outside of Gate Booth), Dollet (Complete dog sidequest on Disc 3)
Steal from N/A
Won from Seifer (2nd round)
Refine From 3 X-Potion into 1 Mega-Potion (Med LV Up)
4 Tent into 1 Mega-Potion (Recov Med-RF)
2 Cottage into 1 Mega-Potion (Recov Med-RF)
1 Healing Ring into 20 Mega-Potion (Recov Med-RF)
1 Mesmerize Blade into 2 Mega-Potion (Recov Med-RF)
Cost 10,000 gil

Final Fantasy X

Effect Restores 2,000 HP to the entire party.
Find in Mushroom Rock: Ridge, Moonflow: North Bank Road, Guadosalam, Lake Macalania: Crevasse, Sanubia Desert: Central (x2), Sanubia Desert: West (x3), Via Purifico - Just near Kimahri, Cavern of the Stolen Fayth (x2), Gagazet: Mountain Trails (x2)
Steal from Random Chest (Moonflow North Bank), Xiphos, Dual Horn, Grendel, Mech Leader, YKT-11, Left Fin
Won from YKT-63, Mech Scouter
Bribe Dual Horn (Siege of Home), Grendel
Other Mi'ihen Highroad - Rin (Gift, x2), League Prize - 2nd Place, League Prize - Most Goals, Mushroom Rock: Precipice (Gift), Djose Highroad (Gift), Thunder Plains - Dodge 10 bolts in a row (x2), Home - First option in second row, Calm Lands - Dodge Chocobo: Tie or beat your time, Defeating Belgemine's Shiva (1-timer) (x60)

Final Fantasy X-2

This potion keeps the same effects from Final Fantasy X. It is available for free once an Alchemist dressphere has mastered the Stash ability in that particular girl's skillset, and can also be accessed through the Mix ability.

Effect Restores 2,000 HP to party.
Buy in N/A
Find in Besaid (Cave, Chapter 5), Mushroom Rock (Chapter 5), Calm Lands Secret Dungeon (x2, Chapter 5), Farplane (Road to Farplane, x2)
Steal from Aquila (Oversoul), Earth Worm (Normal and Oversoul), Hrimthurs (Oversoul), Logos (Oasis), Logos (Mushroom Rock), Logos (Guadosalam), Anything Eater (Normal and Oversoul)
Won from Earth Worm, Elder Drake (Normal and Oversoul), Hrimthurs (Oversoul), Left & Right Redoubt
Bribe From Elder Drake, League Scout, Peregrine (Oversoul), Phantom
Other Alchemist Mix and normal ability, Lady Luck Random Reels ability
Cost N/A

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