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Official quest description: Jorral has discovered more information about the weird yet wonderful enchanted key. Where this historical information will lead is a mystery, but one thing is certain: it'll be no ordinary search for clues from the past.
Release date: 5 August 2008 (Update)
Start: The Outpost north-west of West Ardougne.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes
Items needed:
Note: Do not take anything else with you, including items you wear. Players will be given an option to bank the items by Jorral during the quest.
Monsters to kill: None



Getting started

The spot where players should rub the key.
  • Start at the Outpost north-west of West Ardougne and talk to Jorral.
  • Receive the Enchanted key notes (and the Enchanted key if yours has been destroyed or dissolved).
  • Allow Jorral to deposit all your items (except the key and the notes) in the bank, as you cannot use the key to enter the past with any other items equipped or in your inventory. At no point in the quest can you have anything equipped or have anything in your inventory, or familiars or pets, other than the key and notes, when attempting to travel to the past. While in the past, you can have items you've found in the past in your inventory when you use the key, but these items will disappear when you time travel.

Using the key

A player rubbing the key to return to the past.
  • "Feel" the key to guide you where to go. It will direct you to a spot north of East Ardougne. It is located on the east side of the river, just to the west of the enclosure from the Sheep Herder quest. Farmer Brumty can be seen wandering nearby.
  • Rub the key, and you will be transported back into the past. Note that Jorral's notes will disintegrate at this moment.

Travelling into the past

  • Here, you need to talk with Laura (beside the small ruined building north-east of the area) to ask where you are. Laura informs you that her family is the first family to arrive in RuneScape, and that she has never seen any castles before in her life.
  • You figure out that you've gone into the past (Past A), and decide that it is time to return to the present and report back to Jorral. Rub the key to return to the present. (Tip: you do not have to be in the same spot where you arrived into the past.)
  • Return to the Outpost and talk to Jorral. He will tell that his research shows you can travel to different times in the past by rubbing different parts of the key. (For most of the quest from this point, rubbing the key opens an interface where you choose which part of the key to rub: Past A, Past B, and the Present.)
  • Past A is the past you travelled into at the beginning of the quest, while Past B is approximately 20 years after the events in Past A. Rubbing the "Present" will return you to the present day in RuneScape history. Note that altering Past A can affect the events and the characters in Past B, and this is central to the plot of this quest.
  • Jorral wants you to find out more about the past, which you can do by talking to the family members.

The family members

  • Return to the spot by the river where you can enter the past. Rub the key and choose to go to Past A.
  • Enter the fenced area to find Roger (the father), Laura (the mother), Jack (the son), Baby Sarah (the baby daughter), and Snowy (the dog).
  • You need to do tasks for the each of the family members before they will tell you their stories about the past.
  • There are four tasks: planting the fruit trees correctly, healing Baby Sarah, drawing a map for Laura, and recovering Laura's brooch. If you organise well, you can do the first three tasks at the same time, with minimal time travelling. (The brooch task cannot be done, however, until Laura receives the map.)

Helping Jack

  • Speak with Jack in Past A. He tells you about his boyhood ambitions.
  • Remember these key points:
  1. He wishes to be called Super Jack the Fantasmic.
  2. He has cosmic, mind, body, and fire runes.
  3. He got runes from a druid named Misalionar.
  4. He is seven years old.
  5. He started magic by creating a fire.
  6. He wants to create chocolate cake and strawberry-flavoured milk.
  7. He plans to use magic for good, not evil.
  • Travel to Past B, where Jack is now a grown young man. To gain his interest, offer to tell him some facts about himself by doing some mind reading.
  • When you tell him the correct facts, he asks you to investigate the fruit trees, which are not growing well.
Guthix making runes.

Planting the fruit trees

This shows the proper placement of the fruit trees.
A fully-grown Plum tree.
  • Go to the western side of the house, where you see the fruit trees and Sarah, now a young but sick woman. Sarah says the trees are planted wrongly, and offers hints on what is wrong with the fruit trees.
  • Go back to Past A and plant them in a different way. Take the spade on the ground and click on the pile of pots to get six plant pots. (Note that this pile does not have a red dot on the minimap.)
  • Use the spade on a sapling to transfer it into a pot, and then use the sapling pot on a tree spot to plant the sapling. There are 6 types of fruit trees, and the seedlings obtained are as follows:
  • Return to Past B to inspect the health of the trees; a tree with healthy bright leaves and fruit has been planted in the correct spot.
  • You can travel between Past A and Past B as much as you want to replant saplings and to check on the grown trees. When all the trees are healthy, talk to Sarah and then Jack in Past B.
  • During your conversation with Jack a cutscene will ensue, elaborating on the origins of magic and runes.

Healing Baby Sarah

  • A cutscene plays as you cure the baby. Roger will then be happy to tell you about how humans arrived on RuneScape through the Portal of Life, his story told with a cutscene as before.

A Map for Laura

  • Visit Laura in Past B and talk with her. She bemoans the fact that she had no time to travel, and was afraid that she would get lost.
  • Go back to past A and search the shelves for some charcoal and papyrus. Use the charcoal on the papyrus to make a Map of runescape and give it to Laura.
  • Visit her in past B. She informs you that her life was great, but she had lost something important.

Laura's brooch

  • Go to Past A and ask Laura about her brooch. She informs you that she does not have it on her so go and search the northern bedside table in the house to find the brooch (named "A brooch"). *The brooch can be obtained without first speaking to Laura in Past A*
  • Go to the east side of the house and use the brooch on the soil mound near the shed that Laura is building, and you will hide the brooch in the mound.
  • Go to Past B, enter the now-complete shed, and get the spade found within. Use it to dig up the brooch from the soil mound, and give it back to Laura.
  • Another cutscene will play, in which Guthix instructs the newly-arrived humans to use, but not abuse, the new world they have entered into.
Guthix and the first humans in Runescape.

Finishing up

Return to the present day and talk to Jorral back at the outpost, telling him all you've discovered about the past. Congratulations. Quest complete!



  • 1 Quest point
  • An Old tome giving a total of 2,500 experience across up to 3 skills with level 25 or higher (1,000 experience for the first chapter, 1,000 experience for the second, and 500 experience for the third).
  • Even more treasure hunting with the Enchanted key miniquest.
  • Speak to Historian Minas at the Varrock Museum to earn 5 Kudos.


Music tracks unlocked:


  • On the day of release the spoilers read as the following: Unfortunately, the spoilers were not buried where we expected them to be, so we will have to spend the next day trying to remember where we left them.
  • All of the trees in Past B when examined read "The tree has ceased to be" this is from the famous Monty Python parrot sketch.
  • During the quest, while in the past, a mysterious elf named Haluned appears outside the barrier. When you approach her, or even look at her, she will teleport away. More interestingly, when you see her, she will say "We are not alone in these lands. I must report", "These must be the humans Guthix spoke of", or "There are other beings in this world!" and teleport away. She uses the newer teleport animation, which is rare for NPCs. Examine: The prettiest Elf you have ever seen, also she looks a lot like Eluned in the Roving Elves and Mourning Ends quests.
  • When you examine the Portal of Life in Roger's story, it says: There's cake through here, apparently. This is a definite reference to the video game, Portal.
  • All quest-obtained items are not the "real items". This is because of a misspelling in the examine text of one of the items before the system update. This misspelling was never present in the real item. If you try to use the price checker function in equipment on items such as the clean guam, you will get a message that claims that the item is "untradeable".
  • The druid Misalionar's name sounds like Misaligner when said quickly.
  • After the quest, you can visit the past and watch the cutscenes whenever you want. Use the key in the proper spot as in quest, and do not have anything equipped or anything other than the key in your inventory.
  • When in Past B, talking to Jack, if you tell him about his dream to be a druid, he says it was a childhood dream.
  • If you use a spade on Snowy's grave the game asks, Are you seriously considering digging Snowy up?
  • After the quest, if you talk to Jack (Past A) or Sarah (Past B), Jack appears to be the creator of the Fire Strike spell (as well as the one who named the spell), and also the founder of the Wizards' Guild. Sarah is the founder of Herblore skill.
  • The baby featured in the quest is one of the few babies on RuneScape.
  • Roger, from the quest, mentions humans coming from an alternate plane to RuneScape. This may be a reference to Earth, another thing which suggests that Earth exists in another plane is that the knights of Camelot are from Britain and will one day return.
  • This is the first quest where Guthix is visually seen by the player in-game.
  • If you use anything (a seedling, bucket of milk, etc.) on the beehive, the in-game window says: The bees seem distinctly unimpressed with your idea.
  • Interestingly, Prayer, unlike Magic, is still usable in the past. Given that modern gods such as Saradomin and Zamorak were not in a position to grant benedictions at the time, player-characters who pray in the past are probably receiving power from either Guthix or one of the assorted lesser gods who were active in the first age. Given that players have always been able to pray at altars of any faith and use any religious implement or garment without repercussions, this insinuates that the technique a player-character uses when he or she enables the prayer skill is essentially opportunistic and non-committal.
  • If you stand where the pots are at past B and rub the key to go to past A, you will be standing on the pots.
  • None of the fruit trees in the quest are able to be grown by the player. This may suggest that the trees are either now extinct (with a possible explanation being the God Wars), or simply very rare, however you can get a lemon from the Grand Tree and pick a Mort myre pear from a bush in Mort Myre Swamp.
  • On the scene where Guthix appears creating the runes, you see the Stone of Jas that now plays a crucial part in the quest While Guthix Sleeps.
  • is possible to examine Guthix, and the result is:
  • The trees are in different positions in Past A to Past B.
  • The correct order of the trees appears to be in alphabetical order.
  • During Laura's story, when getting the second angle view, you see Guthix's apparent nose and brown goatee. This is probably the game's fill in item, since his face looks like the first option you are given when choosing a character.
  • When Jack tells you which runes he has, he says they are cosmic, fire, mind, and body runes, although he appears to be using either an air or death rune with a fire to create fire.
  • When you stand in front of baby Sarah in Past A then rub the key to Past B, you will be standing on the bed and will automatically walk out of it.
  • The dog Snowy looks like, and was probably named after, the dog owned by the 1930s French comic book character Tintin.
  • When you return to Jorral for the second time, he tells you that he plans for more trips to the past and wishes for you to assist him, hinting at least another quest in the series.
  • While making the medicine for Baby Sarah, the message "You add the milk to the bowl of honey and discard the empty bucket" appears, but the bucket will still be in your inventory.
  • The four people that come through the portal have the examine texts: "A man from a long, long time ago." (Man 1) "A man from the past" (Man 2) "A woman from the past" (Woman 1) and "Once upon a time she was alive, but no more" (Woman 2).
The nose and goatee of Guthix?

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