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Final Fantasy III Enemy
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NES Name Medusa
DS Name Medusa

Medusa is a boss in Final Fantasy III. She is fought at the top of the Tower of Owen. She was sent by Xande to destroy the Tower and send the Floating Continent crashing into the ocean of the Surface World. Her Stare ability has a 1/3 chance of paralyzing one party member.


Medusa will probably be the hardest boss fought so far, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to grind before even entering the Tower of Owen. Once confronted, she will likely start with Stare, which, as stated above, can turn allies to Stone. This should be reverted as soon as possible, as the game is over if all four party members are Stone at any time.

It should be recommended for the Black Mage of the party to throw out as many Level 3 spells as possible. Once all Level 3 MP is used, revert to using Blizzard, because Medusa is weak to Ice. If worst comes to worst, one can use Antarctic/Arctic Wind(s) against her for heavy damage. The White Mage should constantly heal/reverse status effects, and the other two party members should rapidly attack or use Potions when neccesary. With help from Desch, this battle could be a breeze.

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