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Up to date as of February 08, 2010
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From Halopedia, the Halo Wiki

A list of articles in various media mentioning Halopedia and its devotion to Halo. If you add an article, be sure to include the date and link where it was found.


Bungie News 02/14/2006

Bungie News
Titled: Halopedia Knows
Published: 2/14/2006
Author: Posted by stosh 

Dragonclaws writes: If you're reading this, you obviously know what Halo is, but you can't really know Halo unless you learn it's secrets. You've beat the game on Legendary, but have you found the Scarab Gun? Halopedia can help you to attain not only the famous secrets, but the deepest and darkest of them as well. Read on to know where.

Halopedia can tell you nearly anything you may need to know about Halo. Halopedia is also a wiki, which means it's constantly expanding. It knows everything about the Halo games, books, upcoming movie, and other appearances, and with your help, it can grow even larger.

But how can one trust a wiki? Surely some crazy could come in and troll the entire place up. Well... they could, but they wouldn't get too far. Halopedia is guarded by rabid watchdog like fans who are constantly watching the Recent Changes page to check for the slightest error, either grammar or factual. Okay, that's a bit exaggerated. The real deal is that Halopedia is under almost constant watch by someone who can set everything right. With 3 very responsible sysops and a mob of other users, Halopedia is in safe hands.

Be sure to check out Halopedia and even you could find something to contribute.

Tahlequah Daily Press 02/20/2006

Tahlequah Daily Press
Titled: Old Man Winter freezes out Halo tourney
Published: February 20, 2006 01:06 pm
Author: By Teddye Snell, Press Staff Writer 

Part of the game’s attraction is the player’s opportunity to become part of a vast gaming network. While two- to four-player gaming is possible on a single Xbox, the game has the capability to accommodate up to 16 players in one Halo game over a local area network, using four Xboxes that have been connected through the Ethernet hub. Those using the PC version of the game have the added benefit of online play.

The game has become so popular, it has its own wiki - or expandable encyclopedia, at, which gives visitors a thorough overview of the game, with links to even more information.

Navy News 07/03/2006

Navy News
Title: Halo 3
Published: July 03, 2006

Didn’t see it? Log on to or Wanna learn more about the “Halo” universe? Check out the fan resource for all things “Halo” at

Seattle Times 06/04/2007

Seattle Times
Titled: Fighting the Halo 3 hype
Published: Monday, June 4, 2007
Author: Jennifer Buckendorff

But I still didn't get why "Halo 3" will be one for the history books.

I popped over to the "Halopedia" (, which explains minutia like the differences between the Covenants' original species. (Like any sci-fi trilogy, "Halo" has a nomenclature all its own.) And, granted, the well-developed world behind "Halo" is much more compelling than similar games.

Later, I stopped by a bookstore to pick up the "Halo Graphic Novel," a thoughtful collection of four comics based on the story line of the previous games. When the young woman behind the counter handed me my receipt, she nodded and cooed. "I approve," she said — the first time any bookstore employee has commented on a book I've bought.

Message received: "Halo" is a big deal.

Joystiq 07/13/2007

Titled: Spotted in E3 Halo 3 demo: gravity hammer
Published: Friday, July 13, 2007
Author: Richard Mitchell

[Image via Halopedia]

Christian Science Monitor 11/05/2007

Christian Science Monitor
Titled: Gamers have skills. Let's tap 'em.
Published: November 5, 2007
Author: Jane McGonigal

One popular Halo 3 forum now features more than 2 million replies to about 150,000 topics. There's also Halopedia, a wiki devoted entirely to the Halo universe. Halopedia is currently the fourth most active wiki on the Wikia network, with almost 4,000 articles and counting. In fact, three of Wikia's top five most active wikis are dedicated to creating shared knowledge about digital games.

Gamepro 2008


In an article chronicling the upcoming game Halo Wars, the article's author noted "that if you look around Halopedia (, you'll see that Halo fans are an obsessive, detailed-oriented bunch."

GameSpot 09/25/2008

Titled: Bungie drops Shock-Trooper Halo 3 teaser
Published: Thursday, September 25, 2008
Author: Tor Thorsen

A side-by-side comparison of screenshots from the trailer and from prior Halo games (pictured second) clearly show the capsules have the angular silhouette and signature drag chute of the Human Entry Vehicles (HEVs) used by the ODSTs in prior Halo games. Further examination of a close-up of the capsules (third) and Halopedia's schematic of the HEVs (bottom) confirms it is indeed the so-called "Hell-jumpers" that are raining down on the city, most likely the spaceport of New Mombasa featured in Halo 2 and 3.

IGN 09/25/2008

Titled: Expounding on the Halo 3 Expansion
Published: Thursday, September 25, 2008
Author: IGN Xbox 360 Team

It would (and frequently does) take an army of Halo fans to decode everything Bungie says and does, and we'll let the fanatics at Halopedia and tear the trailer apart. We're most interested in what form this new project will take, how it will play and when we'll get our hands on it.

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Up to date as of February 07, 2010

From Lostpedia

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Media may refer directly to:

Media may also refer to:

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Up to date as of February 04, 2010

From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

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Media are the channels and tools used for storing and transmitting information.

Much media, such as the HoloNet, relied on hologram technology. This was referred to as the holomedia. The New Republic textfile "Why Do We Fight the Empire?" was released to the holomedia in the weeks following the Galactic Empire's siege of Caprioril.[1]

The "gossip media" were the sources of information on celebrities and public figures. Lady Alya Aldrete was heavily watched by the gossip media.[2]


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