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From Grand Theft Wiki

Medals are awards given to users of Grand Theft Wiki for service on the site by the Managers. Only Managers have the authority to award medals, and the official awardees will be listed on this page - no other members are allowed to display medals.

Users do not have a right to a medal after a certain number of edits or being registered for a certain length of time - they are awarded purely on the individual assessment of that users contribution to the site.

There are currently three medals in use: Distinguished Service Medal, Protection Star and Red Cross.

Distinguished Service Medal

The Distinguished Service Medal is awarded to those members who have contributed consistently well to Grand Theft Wiki.

Awarded to:

  • User:A-Dust -- by User:Gboyers on 28th January 2008
  • User:Eganio -- by User:Gboyers on 7th July 2008

Protection Star

The Protection Star is awarded to members who have been tireless in their fight against vandalism, and in keeping the wiki clean and operational.

Awarded to:

  • nobody

Red Cross

The Red Cross is awarded to those members who have devoted their own time to helping others.

Awarded to:

  • User:GuildKnight -- by User:Gboyers on 7th July 2008
See the categories for lists of where the medals are shown: DSM, PS, RC

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Up to date as of February 08, 2010

From Halopedia, the Halo Wiki

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Medals are preset rewards exclusive to Halo 2 and Halo 3 Multiplayer that showcase special achievements that a player makes through the game, usually by killing opponents in a special way, a certain number of opponents at a time or in one life, or by achieving some objective.


Halo: Combat Evolved

Medals do not appear in their physical form in Halo: Combat Evolved, but some of their accomplishments are occasionally listed despite this. The Announcer will announce Double Kills, Triple Kills, Killtaculars, as well as Killing Sprees and Running Riots. However, none of these medals have physical representations, and Xbox Live has no way of recording them as the game does not utilize Xbox Live.

Halo 2

Medals make their first real appearance in Halo 2. There are 23 medals available to win, which fit into four general categories; "Consecutive kills" are the streak of medals which acknowledge a number of kills within four second of each other. Double Kills for two, Triple Kills for three, Killtaculars for four, Kill Frenzies for five, Killtrocities for six, and Killmanjaros for seven kills. "Spree" medals are awarded for a number of kills a player achieves without dying. Killing Sprees are given for five kills in one life, Running Riots for ten, Rampages for fifteen, Berserkers for twenty, and Overkills for twenty five. The third Category is "special kills" and these are awarded on the basis of special ways a player kills another player. There is an award for killing players with Sniper Rifles, Plasma Grenades, vehicles, and melee attacks from the front and back. There is also a medal for making Carjackings.

Also, there are objective medals available in special gametypes. The CTF gametype has a medal for taking a flag, killing a person who has a flag, and returning a flag to your base. The Assault gametype has a medal for when a player plants a bomb and when they kill someone holding the bomb.

Most of these medals can be viewed in-game when they are earned, and also after the game in the post-game carnage report. Though Bungie keeps a profile of many recent games, there has been no official record for players to keep track of how many medals they have earned throughout their careers. Because of this, sites such as Halo2junk which keep extensive records of player profiles and medals earned have grown in popularity.

Halo 2 Multiplayer Medals
Consecutive Kills Double KillTriple KillKilltacularKill FrenzyKilltrocityKillimanjaro
Sprees Killing SpreeRunning RiotRampageBerserkerOverkill
Special Kills Sniper KillStick ItRoadkillCarjackingAssassinBone Cracker
Objectives Bomb Carrier KillBomb PlantedFlag Carrier KillFlag CapturedFlag TakenFlag Returned

Halo 3

Main article: Halo 3 Medals

With the release and announcement of Halo 3, medals have been given a significant overhaul, more so than Halo 2. Most of those featured in Halo 2 have reappeared in their original form, while many others have undergone a complete overhaul, and still more have been created. 42 Medals were introduced in the Halo 3 Beta and 56 were included in the final game. Medals were created for new gametypes such as VIP and to acknowledge special forms of kills, such as the kill with an Oddball or a Flag. Others are for scoring a point in an objective based game. Specialized spree kill medals were made to acknowledge kills with certain weapons, such as Sniper Rifles, Shotguns and Energy Swords. In addition, special medals were created to be displayed only on showcasing certain achievements.This video shows the Halo 3 medals with descriptions of each.

A Medal Chest was created on for Xbox LIVE accounts. The chest avidly keeps track of all medals a player has won throughout their matchmaking and campaign career.

Halo 3 Multiplayer Medals
Special PerfectionExtermination
Sprees Killing SpreeKilling FrenzyRunning RiotRampageUntouchableInvincible
Weapon Sprees Shotgun SpreeSword SpreeSniper SpreeSplatter SpreeOpen SeasonSlice 'N DiceSharpshooterVehicular Manslaughter
Consecutive Kills Double KillTriple KillOverkillKilltacularKilltrocityKillimanjaroKilltastropheKillpocalypseKillionaire
Special Kills/Vehicular Medals Beat DownAssassinSniper KillGrenade StickLaser KillOddball KillFlag KillIncinerationKilljoyDeath from the GraveSplatterHighjackerBulltrueWheelmanSkyjacker
Objectives Last Man StandingKilled Flag CarrierFlag ScoreKilled JuggernautKilled VIPKilled Bomb CarrierBomb Planted
Objective Sprees Hail to the KingInfection SpreeZombie Killing SpreeJuggernaut SpreeMmmm BrainsHell's JanitorUnstoppable Only SteaktacularLinktacular
Halo 3 Campaign Medals
Headshot · Multi Kill · Super Detonation · EMP · Splatter · Assassin · Stick It

Halo 3: ODST

Main article: Halo 3: ODST Medals

With Halo 3 having multiplayer and campaign medals, medals were put into Halo 3: ODST in both the campaign and Firefight have medals. All medals that were in Halo 3 have been carried over into ODST, and a few Firefight specific medals added. Receiving medals gives a boost in points that one would not receive if they were to just kill the enemy normally.

The Medal Chest available on also has a section for Halo 3: ODST medals. The chest shows all medals the player has won throughout their Firefight and campaign career.

Halo 3: ODST Multiplayer Medals
Sprees Killing SpreeKilling FrenzyRunning RiotRampageUntouchableInvincible
Weapon Sprees Shotgun SpreeSniper SpreeSplatter SpreeHammer SpreeSticky SpreeOpen SeasonSharpshooterVehicular ManslaughterDreamcrusherSticky Fingers
Consecutive Kills Double KillTriple KillOverkillKilltacularKilltrocityKillimanjaroKilltastropheKillpocalypseKillionaire
Style Medals Beat DownAssassinHeadshotGrenade StickLaser KillIncinerationDeath from the GraveSplatterHighjackerNeedler KillEMP KillHero!Assist!Vehicle Jack!

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From Lostpedia

Medal Templates Category This category is a subcategory of Category:User templates

Lostpedia has six different user medals, which are not to be awarded freely as this dilutes their value. To earn one requires a significant contribution in a particular field, so that these medals can be displayed with pride on userpages. That said, anyone can issue a medal to a fellow user, though they must have good reason to do so. The medals are:

  • Article Attack Award (The Arrows) - For winning an Article Attack competition. (no longer awarded)
  • Assistance medal (The Staff) - For providing great help during an ongoing project.
  • Forum medal (The Hydra) - For providing a significant contribution to the management of Lostpedia Forum.
  • Hardwork medal (The Tempest) - In recognition of extensive hard work on any particular project or article.
  • IRC medal (The Orchid) - For providing a significant contribution to the management of the Lostpedia Internet Relay Channel.
  • Original Research medal (The Flame) - Providing original information about Lost that expands our knowledge, or conducting research to augment encyclopedic information.

Pages in category "Medal templates"

The following 7 pages are in this category, out of 7 total.


  • Template:Medal


  • Template:Medal AAA

A cont.

  • Template:Medal Assistance


  • Template:Medal Forum


  • Template:Medal Hardwork


  • Template:Medal IRC


  • Template:Medal Original Research

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SWG Wiki

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From SWG Wiki

Reward medals

With the Rage of the Wookiees expansion came the ability to earn and wear special medals granted by various factions through the Star Wars universe. These medals are all given to reward significant contributions to a cause, and wearing them is a sign of prestige.

Medals will be rewarded at some point while taking part in the following activities:

Ace Pilots who reached their master rank prior to Rage of the Wookiees can obtain their medals by speaking with their master pilot trainer.

This article uses material from the "Wearable medals" article on the SWG Wiki wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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