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Me And My Shadow
Series: Doctor Who - Back-up Comic Strip Stories
Main Character: Shayde, Fey Truscott-Sade
Enemy: Nazis
Setting: Austria, November 1941
Author: Scott Gray
Published In: DWM Issue 318
Publication: 26 June 2002
Publisher: Panini Comics
Format: 1 part
Previous Story: Children of the Revolution
Following Story: Uroboros



Fey Truscott-Sade and Shayde shoot up Nazis.


On the Ausrian-Swiss border, 1941, two figures hide from a oncoming Nazi platoons. One of the figures, an old man, is wounded and tells his companion, codename: Nightingale, to go on without him. Nightingale initally refuses, but the old man, Jacob Gansmann, will not take no for an answer. But before he is captured, Jacob asks Nightingale to tell him Nightingale's true name:

"Yes...yes, of course. It's Fey. Fey Truscott-Sade.

Colonel Kessler, commander of the Nazi troops, arrives very angry with the troops lack of ability to retreive the documents Fey and Jacob stole and sets his vicious rottweiler on the captured Jacob. But he had given the documents to Fey, who has used a walkie-talkie she stole from a Nazi trooper to call Kessler and taunt him, befre setting out to kill her attackers. But Fey has one thing on her side: Shayde, who has woken up and lets Fey use his powers to dispatch the nazis from the shadows. With only Kessler left, he quivers in fear as Fey reveals herself. Kessler accuses her of being a which and a demoness, and askes how she could accomplish such feats, when she explains, she shoots him and leavs with the documents. Later on a train to Zurich, Fey and Shayde argue over why Fey can't just shadow-slide to Berlin and kill Adolf Hitler, but the conversation is interrupted when Shayde receives a telepatic message from The Doctor...


Rassilon is mentioned.

Story notes

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Discontinuity, Plot Holes, Errors

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  • This story continues in Uroboros and is part of the "Izzy-Destrii" Arc.

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